Pan Away and Deep Relief are excellent for pain.  If you want to make it these blends even more powerful, apply BELIEVE and COPAIBA before layering Pan Away and Deep Relief.  Those are the four oils that I used every two hours for pain when I fractured my lumbar vertebra last June in Ecuador.  (I never had ANY pain medication.)

To strengthen your ankles, you might try SULFURZYME in mega doses, beginning with the recommended amount on the bottle and then adding 1 or two capsules each day until you have a digestive upset.  Then pull back to what you were taking before the upset.  (This is Dr. Ronald Lawrence’s protocol in “The Miracle of MSM”.)

Additionally, you might consider layering 1 drop of the single oils of Raindrop Technique Collection either on the ankles or on the bottoms of the feet.  These oils work together synergistically for bone and joint healing.  I had them applied to my back every morning and evening after the spinal fracture, and my back was strong enough for me to fly from Ecuador to Singapore – 38 hours of travel – just 4 weeks after the injury!  (During the next 6 weeks, I also flew to Bali twice and then all the ways to Orlando for Convention – another 27-hour flight.)