Where do we begin with oils?

Knowing where to “start” is often the most important thing of all in any endeavor.  Fortunately, Gary Young made that quite simple for us by putting together some basic sets of essential oils – and for formulating NingXia Red and other great supplements.

I fully believe that the cornerstones of health are . . .

  • RC
  • LIFE 5

Does this mean you need to get all at once?


What I mean is that this is a “plan” for gathering a very useful group of oils and supplements that can enhance your life and the lives of your family members.

I never travel without all of the above with me.  Fortunately, the bottles of the sets at 5ml, so they fit nicely into luggage – and I can even get about 30 bottles into my “liquids and gels bag” to carry on flights!

When people are placing their first order, I encourage them to get EVERYDAY OILS COLLECTION + NINGXIA RED + CEDARWOOD.  (If they have respiratory challenges, I encourage them to order RC.)

Why do I select these?

Everyday Oils is a beautiful collection that covers most normal “everyday” types of situations – it is the perfect “emergency kit” to always have on hand.  The nine oils, FRANKINCENSE, LAVENDER. LEMON, PEPPERMINT, PANAWAY, PEACE & CALMING, PURIFICATION, THIEVES, VALOR can be layered one at a time and offer the body thousands of different molecules – and you can quickly learn which ones have special healing abilities for particular things, such as LAVENDER for burns, PEEEPRMINT for headaches, fevers, and digestive upsets.

NINGXIA RED is the true cornerstone of health as it supports every system of the body.  If you already think you are “healthy”, then you will find that you feel even better when you consume NingXia Red every day – more energy, more stamina, greater ability to focus.

CEDARWOOD supports the pituitary, hypothalamus, and pineal glands which are responsible for maintaining hormone balance.  It is also 98% sesquiterpenes, which have the ability to oxygenate the cells of the brain directly through inhalation as well as through the circulatory system.  In other words, Cedarwood can enhance brain function and prevent jet lag and altitude sickness.  Another side benefit is that it anchors a frequency of identifying and understanding who you truly are.  (It is a powerhouse – and it is the least expensive oil made!)


This collection of 7 single oils and 2 blends along with V6 Vegetable Oil Complex and Ortho Ease Massage Oil are such a key for supporting healthy immune function and for dealing with chronic pain and all kinds of injuries.  I have seen badly broken bones completely healed in less than a month when these oils were layered on or near the injury every day.  I have also personally has bad sprains completely healed in a few days!

INNER DEFENSE is the ultimate “antibiotic” gelcap – it works against bacteria and viruses and doesn’t have harmful side effects.  Just take 1 gelcap 3 times a day until all symptoms have been gone for a minimum of 3 days.

OMEGAGIZE contains the essential fatty acids that the body needs for hormonal balance and proper cellular absorption.  The essential oils of lemongrass, clove, myrrh, and German chamomile enhance the absorbability by the body as well as offering anti-oxidant benefits.  Maintenance dosage is 3 capsules daily.

ALKALIME is a powerful supplement for balancing the pH of the body.  Just 1 level teaspoon in a glass of water 2-3 times daily is all it takes – along with controlling the intake of SUGAR, CAFFEINE, and DAIRY products.

LIFE 5 ire-populates the friendly bacteria in the digestive tract.  If one has ever taken antibiotics, it is an uphill battle to achieve this.  Once the friendly bacteria have been destroyed by antibiotics, candida multiply wildly and take control.  Their waste products create more toxins and acidity for the body and cause sugar cravings.  If you have sugar cravings, then it is relatively certain that you are too acidic.  Bacteria, viruses, and candida love an acid environment.

OCOTEA is one of my favorite oils because it can assist in balancing the blood sugar, reducing high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and triglycerides, weight loss, and sugar cravings.  Many diabetics are able to bring their blood sugar levels into the normal range and reduce – or eliminate – medications.  Just 1-2 drops sub-lingually (under the tongue) 2-3 times daily is sufficient for most.

There are many other oils that could be on this list, but I was determined to limit myself to the 3 essential oil collections, 5 supplements, and 3 additional oils. It was not easy – and I am grateful that I am not limited to only these!

Many wishes of WELLNESS – and JOY along the way!!!
6 January 2012

Note:  photo used by special permission of photographer