There is much discussion about the manner in which the tiny molecules of therapeutic-grade essential oils create balance within the human body.  However one thing is not up for debate:  Therapeutic-grade essential oils are eliminated within two hours if they are not needed by the body.

Why is this important for us to remember?

We can layer a number of oils without worrying about overloading the body.

We don’t have to know how oils chemically interact with one another if we are layering them because each oil has the opportunity to work on its own in the body.  There are not interacting with each other, but rather interacting with the body.

The body knows what it needs and will take what it needs from the oils is it is available.

Isn’t this simple???

Everyone has the ability to use therapeutic-grade essential oils safely and effectively by learning the simple technique of applying them one at a time.  The order does not make any difference, and if you get more than one drop of one, it is also fine.

I love to suggest to children that THEY select the oils that they want to use.  Invariably, they “know” which oils will produce the greatest positive effect.  They also love to participate in the choice rather than to have things chosen for them.  The fact is that there are probably a number of different single oils that could contain the exact molecule that are needed.  The more oils with different chemical compounds that are offered to the body – within reason – the better chance of finding the exact combination that the body needs.

Most of us are so tied to the idea of managing symptoms that we forget that wellness is really all about BALANCE.  Isn’t it great to have a powerful tool that requires no advanced education or training to use both safely and effectively???

Frances Fuller
January 5, 2012