What are Enzymes?

“Enzymes are organic catalysts.  They accelerate reactions in the body that are essential for life.”  (from the Foreword by A. Hoffer, M.D., PhD, FRCP for The Complete Book of Enzyme Therapy, Dr. Anthony J. Chichoke, 1999).  One of the amazing things about enzymes is that they are not destroyed themselves as they facilitate this process over and over.

Enzymes are protein-based substances that are found in every cell of every living plant and animal including the human body.  Without enzymes, seeds would not sprout, plants would not grow, fruit would not ripen . . . and humans cannot survive.

The human body requires many types of enzymes in order to function at a high level.  Some enzymes promote digestion of different types of food.  Other enzymes promote brain function, breathing, hormone production, nutrient absorption, cellular regeneration, elimination of inflammation – every single process in the human body including aging! At any given instant there are millions of enzymes working throughout the body causing reactions necessary for life to take place.

The body’s ability to function, repair, and ward off disease is directly related to the strength and number of enzymes.  Even though we may try to eat “healthy”, our foods do not contain a full array of enzymes now.  For one thing, anything that is heated or processed in any way is void of enzymes, and genetically modified plants contain no enzymes that will assist us.

The first sign of enzyme deficiency is often bloating (“gas” or “wind”), occasional indigestion, heartburn, constipation, or diarrhea.  Another sign is that your body is not properly ABSORBING the nutrients.  Absorption requires enzymes.

The only way to ensure that we have appropriate levels of enzymes to keep our bodies healthy is to supplement them with live enzymes.  However, not all enzymes are created “equal”.  Remember every plant contains enzymes, so anything that is plant-based may be labeled an enzyme – even if the processing has actually killed all the active enzymes.  They are, after all, still there.  They just are not active.  Therefore, it is important to know the company that is producing your enzyme supplements.

This is meant to clarify confusion about the various enzymes that Young Living now offers.  As I understand it . . .

DETOXZYME is a vegan formula that is taken between meals and enhances overall digestion.

ESSENTIALZYME was formulated to assist the body in breaking down worn out cells and eliminating diseased cells from the body.  It is recommended to be taken just before meals or with food.

ESSENTIALZYMES – 4 was formulated to produce the same effects as Essentialzyme plus the ability to promote digestion of carbohydrates, fats, fiber, and protein all packed into two time-released capsules.  The yellow capsule is designed to release its enzyme activity in the stomach.  The gray one does not activate until in the intestines.  The combination of the powerful enzymes and the time-released action adds to the effectiveness of the supplement.

Note:  Previously, Young Living made Lipozyme to enhance fat metabolism, Carbozyme for carbohydrate digestion, Polyzyme for protein digestion.  Essentialzymes-4 can take the place of all of the formulas.