Rashes almost always have to do with hyperacidity.

If you have a rash, you may ask yourself these questions . . .

  1. Are you drinking minimum 2 liters of water daily?
  2. Have you eliminated sugar, caffeine, and dairy from your diet?
  3. Are you putting LEMON in your water?
  4. Are you using ALKALIME morning and evening?
  5. What kinds of personal care products are you using?

Often, it is important NOT to apply oils topically over a rash as anything applied topically can cause more irritation.  Gary Young wrote in the Raindrop Technique Booklet page 4

“If a rash should appear, it is an indication of a chemical reaction between the oils and synthetic compounds in the skin cells and interstitial fluid of the body (usually from conventional personal care products).  Some misconstrue this as an allergic reaction, when in fact the problem is not caused by allergy but rather by foreign chemicals already imbedded in the tissues.”