A common question is “How can I reduce belly fat?”  Occasionally, even those who are relatively thin may have spots on the body where fat collects.  In addition to being annoying, it may be quite unhealthy.

Did you know . . .

  • That xenoestrogens (the estrogens from plastic) are stored in fat?
  • That cellulite is rancid fat that has hardened?
  • That cellulite is a storage place for toxins and bacteria?

So . . . how do we get rid of it when exercise and diet do not seem to be helping?

There are several essential oils that have been “magical” for many over the years. . .

  • Add 20 drops LEDUM to 15ml CITRUS FRESH blend.  Apply several drops topically over problem areas 2-4 times daily
  • Wait 2 minutes
  • Apply CEL-LITE MASSAGE OIL over area
  • Fill a capsule with 20 drops GRAPEFRUIT essential oil (nightly)

Note:  Begin with 5 drops grapefruit and increase each night

There are some newer essential oils that have been quite helpful for many in losing weight and in losing it “where they want to lose it”.

  • OCOTEA can be applied topically under the tongue 1-2 drops, 3 times daily.  Some may find it quite spicy, and you can swallow all the saliva before applying topically it with your thumb and holding your thumb in place for 2 minutes while the oil rapidly absorbs into the blood stream.
  • LEMON MYRTLE is brand new to the Young Living line of oils.  Some have already witnessed benefits in supporting better metabolism and in fat reduction.  It can be used in hot water, capsules or applied topically under the tongue.  Lemon myrtle is reminiscent of lemongrass tea in hot water.