Candida occurs when the body is too acidic.  The biggest culprits are STRESS and the “Three Poisons” – SUGAR, CAFFEINE, and DAIRY PRODUCTS.  It is very important to eliminate these and to support the body with LIFE 5 probiotic.  If you have even had an antibiotic, the intestinal flora has been compromised, giving candida a beautiful environment for rapid growth.  It normally becomes an uphill battle to restore flora and it may require a bit of effort.  However, the result is overall better health.

ALKALIME is essential as is OCOTEA.

SULFURZYME is an excellent choice for ANY skin challenge.

For the itching, MELROSE or PURIFICATION can be dropped on an ALL-COTTON tmpon and retained all night.  ANIMAL SCENTS OINTMENT may offer relief as well.

Cleansing the colon would definitely be indicated.

See Cleansing Tips and the Salt Flush