My “Jet Lag Prevention Kit” contains three oils – CEDARWOOD, LAVENDER, PEPPERMINT – along with lots of NINGXIA RED.  These are amazingly effective in preventing the frustrating symptoms that are often associated with travel.

Use the oils before you fly and every hour or two during the flight.  Always cup hands over nose and inhale deeply 5-6 times after applying each oil.
Apply Cedarwood over the brainstem

Apply Lavender over heart, on back of neck, and across shoulders.

Apply Peppermint to palms and rub across back of neck.  Add one drop to hot water and sip.

Be sure to drink NingXia Red before, during and after your flight!

For extra immune support, apply THIEVES blend to the bottoms of your feet, and use THIEVES SPRAY on your hands!

NOTE:  These products are also perfect for preventing ALTITUDE SICKNESS as well!