The card I selected for my focus this morning is the HARMONY hologram. This is all about LONGEVITY in both health and in relationships. The hologram includes three glyphs – Compassion, Acceptance, and Unity.
Compassion holds the energy for nurturing ourselves and creating the ability to give and receive in Perfect Balance. The essential oil of balsam fir anchors this frequency. Visualizing pale blue-green will enhance the movement of the vibration.
Acceptance is all about allowing ourselves and other to be who we are. This is a shiny silver energy that enhances our ability to accept ourselves as we are and where we are on our journey. Application and inhalation of the essential oil of frankincense will assist in anchoring this frequency into every portion of being.
Unity is the pale pink frequency that holds the energy for working together. When each part is contributes, everything works more efficiently. The essential oil of ylang ylang will assist in anchoring this frequency in the physical form and energy being.
The HARMONY hologram has such meaning for me now as I am in Bali for rejuvenation of mind, body, and spirit. Longevity & harmony in all aspects of life . . .