Many of us have been through some unsettling times during the past weeks, and the Full Moon is an opportunity to RELEASE some of the things we are choosing to eliminate and to CREATE or MANIFEST those things that we choose to bring into the life experience.

We will do this in several sections . . .

You may choose to begin by applying SACRED MOUNTAIN blend over your heart, around your navel, on your crown, the bottoms of your feet, and anywhere else you feel is appropriate.  This will assist in grounding and connecting with THE SOURCE.

The Element of FIRE is a powerful tool for both release and creation.  These energies are the sparkling golden vibrations that are anchored by ORANGE, LEMON, and SANDALWOOD essential oils and the crystals of yellow calcite, citrine, and tiger’s eye.

To prepare, you may choose to apply the essential oils and hold the crystals mentioned above.  Next, INTEND to connect with THE SOURCE through the Crown Chakra, the Base Chakra, and the bottoms of each foot with the lower connections extending through the core of Earth and to THE SOURCE below.

Breathe deeply, and ask THE SOURCE to assist you in writing the one, two, or three things that need to be released in order for you to move forward – to evolve.  Take a moment to breathe deeply several times before you begin writing.

Place your paper in a fireproof bowl or pot and INTEND that the energies of FIRE assist you in the RELEASE of these things.

Next, ask THE SOURCE to assist you in writing the one, two, or three things that would be most beneficial to manifest at this point.  Breathe in deeply several times before you begin writing.

Place this paper in a safe place, and INTEND to read over it every day with the INTENT to manifest the things that are written there.

To prepare for meditation, we will apply more essential oils.  For this meditation, I selected several of the blends that were created by Gary Young:


Each of these blends embodies a frequency that will assist you in your choice to evolve.


As you begin your transformation, VALOR will give you the courage to continue through all of the “stumbling blocks”.  It is a very grounding and balancing blend of blue tansy, frankincensem rosewood, and spruce.

Apply 1-2 drops of Valor to the rims of your ears, the bottoms of your feet, and anywhere that you feel is appropriate.  Breathe in the aroma, and INTEND to remain balances and focused upon your goal.


In order to move forward, we must let go of some of the things that are no longer supporting us.  The frequencies of RELEASE blend will assist you in this.  Release is a blend of blue tansy, geranium, lavendin, sandalwood, and ylang ylang.

Apply 1 drop of Release over your Heart Chakra and anywhere else that feels appropriate.  Breathe in the energies with the INTENT to release whatever is holding you back.


Awaken to your true potential!  It is only as we begin to recognize our special knowledge and abilities that we are able to LEARN how to utilize them effectively.  This blend of blends – DREAM CATCHER, FORGIVENESS, HARMONY, JOY, PRESENT TIME – can assist you in moving to the next level.

Apply 1 drop over the heart and on the brain stem and breathe in the delicate molecules, INTENDING to truly awaken to your potential.


After we awaken, we must persevere to fulfill upon that which we came here to do.  The frequencies of HIGHEST POTENTIAL will assist you in this.  It is a blend of AUSTRALIAN BLUE, GATHERING, JASMINE, and YLANG YLANG.

Apply one drop over your heart and breathe in its rich aroma, INTENDING to reach YOUR highest potential.


The final component is BELIEF – belief in yourself, belief in your dream, belief in your support from the SOURCE.  Believe is a blend of BALSAM FIR, FRANKINCENSE, and ROSEWOOD – the energies of nurturing and acceptance.  These energies are essential for creating the belief necessary to overcome all challenges.

Apply 1-2 drops of BELIEVE over your heart and wherever you feel is most helpful.  INTEND to maintain your belief in your mission and in your ability to manifest it, visualizing the tiny molecules to fill all levels of your being.

Sit for a few moments with the INTENT of creating balance throughout every level of your being.  Allow the balancing molecules to fill your physical form . . . your emotional body . . . your mental body . . . your spiritual body . . . your energetic body . . . energizing, rejuvenating, and regenerating every portion of your being.

You may choose to listen to one of the recorded meditations at this time or to reaffirm your connections with THE SOURCE, above and below.  Ask for continuing guidance along your path from THE SOURCE, and INTEND that you understand on some level what is necessary for you to know.

When you are ready, take a deep breath in, and open your eyes.

For recorded audio meditation click here