Do YOU Need to Detoxify Your Liver?

How do you feel?

Do you jump out of bed filled with energy every morning?

Are you able to do everything you want to do with no limitations?

Do you have allergies?

Do you have joint pain?

Do you have bloating especially in the afternoon or evening?

Do you ever have pain under the right side of rib cage?

Do you ever have indigestion?

Do you have any chemical sensitivity?

Are you sensitive to odors?

Do you wake up with bad breath?

Do you have hormonal imbalances?

Do you have hypoglycemia?

Do you have rashes?


The Salt Flush has been highly successful for many of us and if quite inexpensive.

Convention 2011 in September was all about ENZYMES being the key for liver detoxification and overall vitality.

ESSENTIALZYME, DETOZYME and the new ESSENTIALZYME-4 are a great way to begin the road to better health and vitality.

  • Take Essentialzyme WITH meals and at bedtime
  • Take Detoxyme in the MORNING, BETWEEN MEALS, and at BEDTIME

NOTE:  The dosage on the bottles is for maintenance rather than the amount needed for detoxification.  Most find that doubling or even tripling the amount for a month or two will bring about rapid improvement in the health and wellness.  Each of us is different, and we each must learn to listen to our body.  When the body receives what it needs, it performs beautifully.  However, when it is depleted, it breaks down.

NINGXIA RED is supportive for ALL body systems and increases stamina and vitality.  It is also perfect for diabetics as it is low glycemic.