A stye is an inflamed swelling on the edge of an eyelid, caused by bacterial infection of the gland at the base of an eyelash. Since it is an infection, the oils which are most highly antibacterial would be my choice.  The person who wrote said that she has the EVERYDAY OILS, RAINDROP COLLECTION, and NINGXIA RED! This is what I would do with those oils . . .

• FRANKINCENSE – apply one drop topically on the cheekbone and brow bone at least 4 times daily. Be very careful not to get in the eye as it will be irritating. (It will not injure the eye, but it is a little uncomfortable for a few minutes.) An additional drop can be put into the palm, rub palms together, and cup the hands over open eyes. NOTE: As the molecules of frankincense diffuse into the eye, the eye may water slightly.

• Use the entire sequence of RAINDROP OILS on the bottoms of the feet to support the immune system. This can be done daily

• DIFFUSE THIEVES in the bedroom and in the house every day

• DOUBLE the amount of NINGXIA RED for a week

NOTE:  THIEVES blend can also be taken in capsules.  For one who has never ingested oils, it may be better to begin with only 3 drops.  Olive oil can be added to the capsule if it causes indigestion.  I also like to put LEMON essential oil in the water – and drink extra water.  Finally, eliminate the “Three Poisons” – SUGAR, CAFFEINE, and DAIRY . . .