There are many varieties of frankincense that grow in different areas. Most of the frankincense that is sold in the world today is boswellia fereana Boswellia fereana smells quite similar to other varieties, but it contains no boswellic acid Boswellic acod is the component that has been shown to be effective against many cancers.

Young Living’s FRANKINCENSE is boswellia carteri. and contains a significant amount of boswellic acid.

Young Living’s SACRED FRANKINCENSE is boswellia sacra and is grown only in Oman. It had never before been exported commercially until 2010 when Young Living established a distillery in Oman.  Young Living received special permission to export the precious essential oil which had previously be available only to the Omanis and the royalty of the Middle East. Boswellia Sacra has double the amount of boswellic acid as boswellia carteri. Therefore, it would offer twice as much of the component shown to be so effective against cancer.

Both FRANKINCENSE and SACRED FRANKINCENSE have amazing anti-inflammatory properties, anti-aging effects, and positive effects on eyesight and skin. Gary Young said that he has been studying frankincense for over 20 years, and he feels he has “just scratched the surface” in discovering the benefits!

After my remarkable recovery from the double spinal fracture 21 June 2011, I certainly don’t need to be convinced of the benefits of Sacred Frankincense.  It is THE FIRST OIL I reach for now for anything!!!  I am still amazed at the speed the bones and my entire body healed.