It is wonderful that more people are becoming aware that what they put ON their skin is as important as what they put IN their bodies.  After all, what is on the skin is absorbed into the body.  In other words, if you won’t eat it, then don’t put it on your skin!

My favorite “sunscreen” is LAVENDER + AVOCADO OIL.  I have fair skin and lived on the beach in South Florida, played tennis and golf, etc.  Every single day all my life, I would burn – until I began using Young Living lavender and avocado oil.  I put about 1 teaspoon (5ml) avocado oil in y palm and add 2-3 drops lavender.  I apply this over my arms, chest, neck, and face.  It usually takes another teaspoon avocado oil for the remainder of the body.  However, I have never burned with it.  I have tried coconut oil which is supposed to have ability to screen out the burning rays of the sun, but I burn every time with it.

To answer your question about using the oils neat (undiluted) on the skin,  both Lavender and Frankincense CAN be used neat on the face.  I use both of them neat every single day.  When we layer oils, we apply one, wait two minutes, and then apply the next one.  That way, each oil has the opportunity to work in the body without interacting with the other oil(s).  We don’t have to worry about the order of application or the ratio of the oils as you would if creating a blend.

Your comment about the climate here in Singapore being too warm to have greasy substance on the skin is great.  I love to dilute oils with KIDSCENTS LOTION, a beautiful light non-greasy lotion that absorbs in quickly.  By adding a few drops of essential oil to it, you can cover a much larger area than using the oils neat – without any greasy feel.  GENESIS BODY LOTION is slightly heavier, and I love the KIDSCENTS.  (It does NOT smell like a little child – in fact many men love this as well!)

If you want a light wonderful skin care system that is perfect for Singapore weather, ART SKIN CARE is the answer.  It was introduced in 2004, and I have been using it ever since.  It actually can repair sun damage as shown in actual studies.  I have found that I no longer have freckles on my face and neck.  I am finally trying to remember to use it on my chest as well, and the darker spots are fading there as well.

For wrinkles, FRANKINCENSE is perfect!  (That is why I use frankincense around my eyes.  An added benefit is that frankincense improves vision.)

I use the ART cleanser, Frankincense, and then the Day Activator or Night Reconstructor.  At night I also use either Bosweilia Wrinkle Cream or Sandalwood Moisture Cream and Wolfberry Eye Cream.