Many thanks to Vanessa Z for sharing her experience . . .

3 months ago I found dark spots on my back. At first, I didn’t pay much attention to them. But three weeks ago, I noticed them spreading to my arms, and chest! I was so scared that I rushed to the National Skin Centre, where the doctor told me it was a fungal infection. My sponsor told me to apply Lavender and Melaleuca alternifolia oils onto the infected areas at least three times per day, and drink 30ml of Ningxia Red twice a day. All of my customers mentioned I smell like lavender on my business trips J haha! I immediately took the chance to recommend they try the oils as well.

What magic! After using the product for 5 days, the spots became lighter, and after a couple of days, faded off!  Lavender and Melaleuca alternifolia are so powerful they got rid of the spots easily, and without any pain or side effects. Also Ningxia Red gave me continuous energy, and tastes great!

Thanks, Young Living, for providing me a natural way to be healthy!”

Vanessa Z