My friend is over 4 months pregnant. She vomits after 6pm every single night. Especially, eating dinner causes her to vomit more. The unpleasant smell make her bad too.

Could you help her please?

The rapidly changing hormones in the body during pregnancy – especially during the first trimester – cause many women to have bouts of nausea and occasionally vomiting.  A number of these women have found DIGIZE and PEPPERMINT to be indispensible.  Either can be applied topically over the abdomen and inhaled or put in hot water and consumed as tea.

NOTE:  Only pure, premium essential oils can be taken internally.  Others could harm the digestive tract and organs.  Everything that I say about essential oils refer to the use of the Young Living essential oils, which have met stringent criteria and been consumed by thousands of people worldwide.

Since your friend has more challenges at night, perhaps she would choose to eat only a small amount of vegetables after 3pm each day and consume her protein earlier in the day.

Pregnancy is not the time to embark upon any type of cleansing program, but she can certainly pay close attention to what she is putting INTO and ON her body.  Even facial creams and hair products absorb into the body and can create challenges as well as those things which are actually consumed.  Perhaps if your friend chooses to have fruit only in the morning and eliminates sugar from her diet, she will find that the nausea subsides a bit.  NINGXIA RED DILUTED in equal parts of water could assist her in getting protein and a balanced array of amino acids to help her digestive system.

NOTE:  She may need to dilute the NingXia Red even more – perhaps 4 parts of water to 1 part of NingXia Red and sip it slowly.  NingXia Red is low glycemic and will not cause the blood sugar to spike as other fruits and juices can.  It also has a lot of protein for building healthy organs and bones for both the baby and mother.

PEPPERMINT can be applied, inhaled, or consumed as often as she likes and can often totally avert a nasty bout of vomiting if used regularly.  A great place to apply the peppermint is on the inside of the wrists about 3 fingers above the hands.  Gently applying pressure to this area while applying peppermint can be quite powerful.