When people are bloated after eating, it usually is an indication that they are quite acidic.  Therefore, addressing the pH is very important.  Supporting the digestive system with enzymes can be extremely helpful as well.  The third area would be to re-populate the friendly bacteria in the intestinal tract.

Hyperacidity is a battle that most of us face our entire lives.  The things that I have found to be keys in maintaining a more alkaline environment are eliminating the “Three Poisons” (SUGAR, CAFFEINE, DAIRY) and reducing STRESS.  Fortunately, premium essential oils are wonderful for stress management!  STRESS AWAY is my favorite oil for this, although there are others that can be effective.  In fact, almost every essential oil has the potential to relieve stress.

Young Living makes two excellent general enzymes along with specific ones.  For those who are vegan, DETOXYME is a general enzyme and can be taken between meals and at bedtime.  Detoxyme can be taken alone or in conjunction with ESSENTIALZYME, which is not vegan as the capsule is gelatin-based.

LIFE 5 is a powerful probiotic which contains 5 strains, two of which are considered “super strains”.  If we have ever had an antibiotic, or steroid medication, the friendly bacteria has been totally wiped out along with the unfriendly bacteria.  That set the conditions for candida to grow wild, and the cycle was begun.  It is far easier to maintain a healthy state than to regain it because candida weakens the immune function . . . and then more antibiotics are given.  It becomes a vicious cycle.  I have taken a number of probiotics over the years, and I found Life 5 to be the most effective by far.