There are many factors that can influence incontinence.  Stress is certainly one of these.  Hyperacidity – and the resultant viruses and bacteria thriving in the body – is another factor.  Muscle weakness is yet another.  To cover all of these, one might consider doing the following:

  • STRESS AWAY or TRANQUIL roll-on can be used over the heart, wrists, and around navel often throughout the day.  Be sure to inhale the aroma, breathing in deeply several times.
  • JUNIPER essential oil is extremely supportive for the kidneys and bladder.  It can be applied over the lower abdomen and taken in capsules.  NOTE:  It is best to begin with only 2 drops in a capsule 3-4 times daily.  Increase the number of drops by 1 each time until taking 6-7 drops in each capsule.
  • GERANIUM essential oil can be applied over the lower abdomen 3-4 times daily.  Cup hands over nose, inhaling deeply several times.
  • ALKALIME is excellent for balancing the pH UNLESS the person is taking medication for high blood pressure.  Because it contains salts, it is not appropriate for anyone whose kidneys are compromised
  • OCOTEA can balance the pH of the body rapidly when one drop is taken sub-lingually (under the tongue) 3 times daily.  NOTE:  Many find it easy to put a drop in the palm of the hand and use the thumb of the opposite hand to apply the drop on the bottom of the mouth.  HOLD THUMB IN PLACE FOR TWO MINUTES WHILE OIL ABSORBS.  That way there is very little of the strong “cinnamon-like” taste which I personally love, but which many find quite strong.
  • ELIMINATE SUGAR, CAFFEINE, and DAIRY from the diet as these are the biggest offenders when it comes to creating hyperacidity

A simple exercise repeated at lest 4-6 times daily will strengthen the muscles.  While urinating, try to stop the flow through contracting the muscles, and keep them contracted for at least 15 seconds.  Then allow the flow to continue, before contracting the muscles again.  Continue contracting the muscles to strengthen and holding the contraction for longer and longer periods.  NOTE:  This is a great exercise for ALL women to avoid potential challenges through the years.

As always, NINGXIA RED can assist in supporting ALL systems of the body.  This would include the urinary tract.

If there could be infection present, INNER DEFENSE capsules would be appropriate.  LIFE 5 may also enhance the return to balance within the body.

Other essential oils that are supportive of healthy bladder function include CYPRESS and MARJORAM and K&B Tincture.