What is Vita Flex?

Vita Flex Technique means “vitality through the reflexes.” It is a specialized form of massage that is exceptionally effective in delivering the benefits of essential oils throughout the body. It is said to have originated in Tibet thousands of years ago, and perfected in modern times by Stanley Burroughs long before acupuncture was developed, and is based on a complete system of internal body systems.

Oils are applied to contact points, and energy is released through electrical impulses created by contact between the fingertips and reflex points. This electrical charge follows the nerve pathways to a break in the electrical circuit caused by toxins, damaged tissues, or loss of oxygen. There are more than 1,400 Vita Flex points throughout the human body, encompassing the entire realm of body and mind, causing it to have the capability of releasing many kinds of tension and imbalances.

In contrast to the steady stimulation of Reflexology, Vita Flex uses a rolling and releasing motion which is far more gentle method than normal Reflexology.


  • Create Personal Healing Space
  • VALOR blend on receiver’s ears and feet
  • Create Healing Space for receiver
  • Apply oils to both feet, choosing ONE of the following (or another oil/blend)
  • DIGIZE on digestion points
  • ENDOFLEX on ankles, kidney points, under big toe
  • RC on lung and bronchial points
  • AROMA LIFE on heart point


  • Intend TO CONNECT WITH THE SOURCE above and below
  • INTEND that an energetic  cylinder surround the form and field, extending to THE SOURCE above, through core of Earth, and to THE SOURCE below
  • INTEND that all that is not supportive of your (or receiver’s) healing be removed from Healing Space
  • INTEND that shiny silver and sparkling golden energies surround the Healing Space
  • INTEND THAT the Healing Space be filled with everything that you (or the receiver) need to come to Perfect Balance
  • INTEND that the LIFE FORCE move through your (or receiver’s) PHYSICAL CELLS, CHAKRAS MERIDIANS, and ENTIRE ENERGY BEING in the appropriate manner
  • INTEND that FEMININE & MASCULING ENERGY FLOWS be fully activated and in Perfect Balance
  • INTEND for entire form and field to be in Perfect Balance
  • INTEND HARMLESSNESS on all levels of reality – conscious, sub-conscious, and unconscious

~ ~ ~

BEGIN WITH RIGHT LEG. Do each of the following steps THREE times:

  • RIGHT HAND-inside right shin, up “spine”, off big toe
  • Up ascending colon (outside of right foot) and off “pinkie”
  • Across TRANSVERSE COLON, continuing to left foot
  • Left foot outside ankle
  • LEFT leg inside shin, up “spine”, off big toe
  • RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: Ball of right foot, outside in; left foot, outside in
  • SINUS:  Base of toes
  • TOP of TOES, stretching the “necks”
  • BRONCHIALS:  between bones on top of foot, outside to inside
  • HOLD BOTTOMS OF FEET:  INTEND that all vibrations that receiver needs for healing be present and that all vibrations be in PERFECT BALANCE
  • Make energy break

VitaFlex balances the body, allowing it to heal itself.

Three-Dimensional: “up and down”: points on feet and hands on same side of body OR reflective area (leg/arm, knee/elbow, hip/shoulder) OR joint directly BELOW injured area; “side-to-side”:  exact points on opposite side of body

Front-to-back:  “directly behind” points of pain