The easiest and one of the most effective ways to use the oils is to layer several oils one at a time.  This is the French model of aromatherapy, which is the oldest and most widely practiced in the world today.  When I say “layer”, it means to use one or two drops of an oil neat (undiluted) by allowing the oil to fall from the bottle into your palm.

NOTE:  Hold the bottle about 10-15 cm above your palm rather than touching the top of the bottle as that would introduce impurities into the remaining oil.

Wait 2 minutes before applying another oil to allow the first to absorb into the body and begin balancing.  This way, each oil has the opportunity to work on its own, and it makes no difference which order you apply the oils or the ratio of the number of drops. (When creating a blend, the oils interact with each other before they reach your body, so both the order and ratio of drops is quite important.)

If you should have any skin sensitivity, use PURE VEGETABLE OIL, and the sensitivity will subside within a minute or two.

NOTE:  DO NOT USE WATER as water does not dilute an essential oil!

Places that you might apply the oils are the rims of the ears, over the heart, on the wrists, around the navel, over the brain stem at the base of the skull in the middle, and the bottoms of the feet.  The safest place on the body to apply any oil is the bottom of the foot as very few people are skin sensitive on the bottoms of the feet.

THIEVES BLEND should NOT be applied topically undiluted except on the bottoms of the feet because it contains “hot” oils of clove and cinnamon that could cause skin sensitivity.

Diffusing is another simple and effective manner of using premium essential oils.