• Cedarwood
  • Lavender
  • Peppermint
  • Peace and Calming
  • Purification
  • RC
  • Thieves
  • Valor
  • Ocotea
  • NingXia Red
  • Omega Blue
  • MightyVites
  • MightyZymes
  • KidScents Shampoo
  • KidScents Bath Gel
  • KidScents Lotion
  • Toothpaste – Dentarome Ultra/Kidscents
  • Thieves Spray
  • Thieves Waterless Hand Cleaner

Do you want your children to grow up happy and healthy? Of course you do! So, what can we do to assist this?

  • Pay as close attention to what goes ON their bodies as to what goes IN
  • Learn as much as you can about nutrition
  • Learn as much as you can about labeling

When I began using Young Living essential oils and oil-enhanced products in 1998, I had never really thought that what goes ON the body made that much difference to health.  However, after learning that the oils absorb quickly into the bloodstream – and experiencing their effects as “proof” – I had to admit that many of the things I was using were NOT healthy.  I had laughed at first when I heard someone who used Young Living products say, “If you won’t eat it, then why put it on your skin???”  However, I now believe that is a very profound question!

After all, if everything that we put ON our skin has the ability to get INSIDE, then if it is “poisonous”, won’t it negatively impact us?

Are you willing to take that risk where your children are concerned?

Let’s begin with Teeth

Have you ever looked at the back of your toothpaste tube? What does it say? Is there a warning like . . .

“If swallowed, contact a poison control center


Keep out of reach of children under 6”

Hmmm . . . WHY would we have to keep it out of reach???  Don’t we WANT our children to brush their teeth???

What about the FLUORIDE issue?

According to Dr. David Stewart in The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple, “. . . when ingested in quantities beyond trace amounts, it can cause mottled teeth, and has been associated with Down’s Syndrome and cancer.” (page 94)

So what about the synthetically fragranced soaps and shampoos – even the ones which may be marketed as “natural” and “organic”?

Do YOU know what the word “natural” means when it is in a product?

“Natural” includes not only the substances that occur in Nature, but any substance that can be made in a laboratory that also occurs in Nature.

(NOTE:  This means that when you read the word, “natural”, on a product that the ingredients CAN occur in Nature.  However it does NOT mean that the ingredients contained in the product you see are produced in Nature.)


How about the word “organic”?

A product can be labeled “organic” if there are any “organic” ingredients in the product . . . and WATER is “organic”, so any product which includes water can be called “organic”!


Omega Blue is food for the BRAIN.  It is free from mercury and other toxins and contains Omega Enhance essential oil blend of blue (German) chamomile and myrrh along with lemongrass and clove.  These enhance the stability of the fish oils and protect from becoming rancid.  This delivery system triples the normal absorption rate of omega 3’s.


NingXia Red will support every system of the body.  It is a superfood which is packed with a balanced array of nutrients – protein, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and enzymes.  Yes, the patented process developed by Gary Young allows the enzymes to remain intact.  Nutritionists recognize the importance of enzymes to our overall health and well-being, and we do NOT get enough in our food now.

The amount of NingXia Red would vary according to the weight of the child.  Initially, 15ml (1/2oz) diluted in 15ml water in the morning and 15ml diluted in 15ml water mid-afternoon is perfect.  If the child has taken antibiotics or has a compromised immune function, the amount can be doubled to 30ml (1oz) morning and mid-afternoon.  This can be THE most nutritious snack you can ever put in your child’s body.

NOTE:  For children over 8, 30ml in the morning diluted in 30ml water and 30ml in the afternoon diluted in 30ml water every day is an appropriate amount.


Okay . . . let’s move to the oils which could be extremely beneficial for your child . . .

    Cedarwood oxygenates the brain cells for better brain function.  It also supports the pituitary gland, the “master gland” of the body.  It is the pituitary which keeps the entire Endocrine System in balance.  This includes the THYMUS gland, which is in charge of healthy immune function.

I like to apply one drop of cedarwood over the brain stem at the base of the skull in the center.  It can also be applied to the bottom of the great toe, which is the reflex point for the pituitary gland.  Also be sure to cup hands over nose and inhale deeply several times.

    Of course, #1 on the list will always be LAVENDER.  It is not only gentle, but it is never wrong to use lavender.  It is such a complex oil that has hundreds of chemical components that it is often the very best thing to use… but NEVER inappropriate!

Use it for…

  • Cuts and scrapes – apply directly to stop bleeding and hasten wound healing . . . and lessen pain.
  • Prevent bruising – when applied immediately, very little bruising occurs
  • Natural antihistamine – cup hands over nose and/or diffuse in room
  • Burns – lavender is the most healing substance know for burns.  Apply topically.
  • Lift the mood – “make everything okay”
  • Settle down for night
    Ocotea, one of the newer oils from Ecuador, can be considered “essential” for children because it can cut cravings for sugar!  Sugar weakens the entire immune function and compromises every aspect of our bodies – and it is found in literally every processed food available!  It is very difficult to break the “sugar habit” because sugar feeds candida, which is present in the bowel, and the toxins which are eliminated by candida cause us to want more sugar . . . and so the cycle is perpetuated.

One drop of Ocotea can be put in a glass of water and consumed in the afternoon to balance the pH of the body (strengthen the immune system) and cut the craving for more sugar.  If the child is older (10 or above), it may be more effective to put 1 drop under the tongue.  Sublingual absorption is quite rapid and not exposed to digestive juices, so it takes less than when ingested.

    Use peppermint for fevers, nausea, pain, colds, flu, coughs, constipation, diarrhea etc.

(NOTE:  Be very careful when applying as it can feel “hot” before the cooling effects are felt.  The bottoms of the feet are the best place to apply topically unless the oils is diluted in a little vegetable oil – or unless you apply it to your own palms and carefully place your hands on the child.  Generally, massaging the head of a child with high fever or headache if quite effective.)

For children who have difficulty focusing, Peppermint is an excellent choice.  It is a great oil to use or diffuse when a child is studying. Be sure to have the child inhale the peppermint!

    Peace & Calming is exactly what it says . . . it brings on relief from stress.  It has been effective for many children who have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD.  One drop applied to the bottoms of the feet 2-3 times daily can bring about a major change in the ability of a child to focus, to get along with others, and to sleep.  When used in conjunction with OCOTEA, it is particularly effective.
    Apply Purification to the bottoms of the feet, or diffuse it in the bedroom.  It supports the immune system.  Keep it handy in case of mosquito bites, spider bites, snake bites, scorpion bites, or stings from bees, wasps, or hornets.  Purification neutralizes poisons. 
  • RC
    RC is THE blend for colds, coughs, flu, asthma, allergies, etc.  It can be applied topically over the chest, throat, around ears (NOT INSIDE!), diffused, inhaled.  Incredibly, it has been shown to have a 100% effective kill rate against the “superbug”, MRSA! I believe that every home should have RC as a major line of defense.
    Thieves can be applied to the bottoms of the feet or diffused in the bedroom.  I like to alternate Purification and Thieves or apply one and diffuse the other.
    Valor blend is especially balancing and helpful for children (and “big children”) who have difficulty settling down for bed . . . When combined with OCOTEA, it can assist one in having deep and restful sleep.  This is a perfect blend for stressful times!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~