I apply RutaVala on the back of my neck at the base of the skull and then cup my hands over my nose, inhaling deeply several times.  I then INTEND that everything that is hindering my healing process in any way be removed from my physical form and entire energy being.  Many times, I find that I drift into deep sleep even before I complete the INTENT!

I have recently made the trip from Singapore to the US and back – over 30 hours of travelling each way.  I applied RutaVala to the back of my neck prior to boarding the plane and carried the bottle in my “LAG bag” (the clear plastic bag for liquids and gels that we are allowed to carry on planes now).

I could actually smell the RutaVala without opening the bottle!  I placed the bag as close to my nose as possible so I could continuously inhale the aroma.  To my amazement, I made the 12-hour time-change adjustment by the time I landed in the US and thoroughly enjoyed even my first day there!

(NOTE:  I also used CEDARWOOD, which is high in sesquiterpines – the components which have the ability to cross the blood-brain barrier and to oxygenate the cells of the brain directly.)

Thanks to all who shared their personal experiences with RutaVaLa blend so each of us can learn how better to utilize this precious gift from Nature.


~ ~ ~ 

I am delighted to share these new testimonies with our RutaVala Oil Blend. I have been really enjoying this oil, and have been sleeping so much better… For me a drop or two to the back of my neck (brain stem) before bed is all I need to drift off quickly and sleep deeply.

I talked to another distributor that prefers to use her oil in the morning before she starts her day.  She says it gives her strength and have also found it to be relaxing, and calming with many of my high-stress clients.

Apparently this new blend is multi-faceted!

Catherine Burbank

~ ~ ~

This was sent directly to me from one of my bodywork clients in Los Angeles.

I cannot be more pleased to hear her testimonial! Please feel free to pass this on to anyone you know who is struggling with anxiety, and or insomnia. I LOVE our new RutaVala oil blend.

I am dropping about 10 drops in an inch of water and drinking the RutaVala right before sleep. Then I take what is left in the glass and rub it on my brain stem and back of my neck. Then I lie down and begin to breathe real deep and I give gratitude for my beautiful healthy happy youthful body, and my conviction of my joy filled abundant life!! Wow what a sleep! I am loving it all!

Thank You Gary for this amazing blend!!… And it’s helping so many people to get off all their anxiety drugs and sleeping pills.YAY!!!!  – Julie Chertow

~ ~ ~

I’ve been battling insomnia for years. I’ve tried almost every sleeping/anti- anxiety drug known to man, and they either don’t work, or I’d wake up feeling drowsy or find myself with other side effects. My problem is both falling to sleep and staying asleep.

Honestly I didn’t expect anything from RutaVala, considering I had developed a dependency on Ambien which caused it to stop working. But my massage therapist Julie, highly recommended at least trying it. It took a few days of my sticking with the RutaVala, but on night three I got into bed, felt myself sink into the mattress, and the next thing i knew my alarm was going off. i couldn’t have been more shocked — I think i
actually got out of bed and said “no way”.

The taste at first was a little off-putting, but I now concentrate on the lavender part and it’s incredibly comforting. I’ve also now associated the taste with sleep, so when i recently packed my little bottle in my purse for a trip, just the smell of when i opened my bag made me think of bed!

My prescriptions list was extensive as: Valium, Ambien, Restoril, Lunesta and Xanax. Crazy, I know!

I now put 10 drops of RutaVala in an inch of water and drink it right before I get into bed, take a few deep breaths to inhale the oils.  – Dana, Los Angeles , California

~ ~ ~

Hi Lisa,
Last night was my first night also that I experienced RutaVala and within 5 minutes of just smelling the oil even before I put it on I also got a headache that went into my eyes and hung heavily there. My head hurt but it was more of a dull thumping thud than a wicked headache. 🙂

I then put it on my neck, laid down and slept for the first time in over a year, a deep, peaceful and restful sleep. I slept for 7 full hours and woke up refreshed…

I love what this oil has done for me in just one night. I look forward to a good night’s sleep again tonight, something I thought I would never say again…  – Chris, PA

~ ~ ~

RutaVala is amazing – my friend and massage therapist has seen wonderful changes in her early teen daughter in balancing her raging hormones, with just 15 drops in a small vial I gave her to try. It has helped me with pain from a severely inflamed tendon in my hand to a degree that I would not have thought possible!  – Mary Lou

~ ~ ~

I thought I was the only one having dreams and I too was relating it to the RutaVala. I am only 1.5 weeks into trying it. Although, my dreams are very pleasurable- -warm and fuzzy ones; obviously I am not alarmed… But, if it were me and I was having BAD dreams, I would try a little Dream Catcher on the bottoms of my feet at night–before sleep. If you do not have that– Peace and Calming. Perhaps that would offset what’s happening until your body makes the adjustment.

Since RutaVala seems to be helping so many with depressions- -it is an emotional thing and perhaps you are experiencing some emotional cleansing

I apply the oil to my wrist and rub my wrists together. I also rub the oil into the back of my neck, all before bedtime. I repeat the process when I get up in the AM.  – Pen

~ ~ ~

I try to get 3/4 drop out of the bottle, because it’s REALLY strong, and a bit overpowering to me. (I’m also quite sensitive.) I rub it in both hands, and rub it on my feet. By 3:00 in the morning, the strong scent is totally gone from my palms!

It’s an amazing oil. Not my favourite scent (actually, it’s pretty awful to me the first few minutes. It then softens, and I quite like it!)  – Jennifer

~ ~ ~

I’ve had RutaVala since convention and I put it on my brainstem right before I go to bed I don’t use it every night but on the nights when I sense I’ll have trouble sleeping. I have the best sleep and wake up in the same position I went to sleep in I have the deepest sleep I’ve ever had! I love this oil!!  – Debbie Hurley

~ ~ ~

Hi Christine,

I was so sleep deprived when I started the RutaVala that I put a drop on my brain stem, a drop under my nose and drops in water and drank it. Since I am sleeping so sound every night, all I do is put a dab under my nose and a dab at on my brain stem. I lay down, close my eyes and don’t remember anything else till morning.

This is an awesome blend of oils. You always awake refreshed no matter how long you sleep so you know you are going into a Delta Sleep pattern and that is the most physically and mentally relaxed stage of sleep you can get. It is at this level of sleep that our bodies re-balance and recoup themselves; this is why you wake up so refreshed.
You probably know all this but I thought I would mention it in case you didn’t.  – Chris

~ ~ ~

I’m curious why you would stop using it, if you felt like things were unblocking?

And yes, I have experienced emotional release using RutaVala. Allowing myself to go through that process has helped clear the way for new insights as I move forward through this life.  – Monica

~ ~ ~

Has anyone experienced emotional releases using the new RutaVala oil. I was using it and stopped, because I felt like it was unblocking things, but then again I was doing other detoxing at the time, using other things.

Anyone have any experiences that they would like to share?  – Alicia Warwick

 ~ ~ ~

Hello. I’m another one who stop using RutaVala because of emotional / memory release. Here’s my story.

I was so excited to get the oil back in February’s auto ship. Around that time, I was not getting enough sleep and not falling asleep well. The first day I got it, I was “in love” with the smell of RutaVala. I still do love the smell. I sniffed out of the bottle, then put some on my hand, smelled again by cupping my nose and mouth with oiled hands, then put the oil on back of my neck and bottom of my feet.

That night, although I kept my eyes shut, I couldn’t fall asleep for 2-2 1/2 hours because I kept having old memories (some are angers) popping up in my head. Next night, I did the same procedure with oil, and had the same effect (more old memories). Third night was the same. By then I was so exhausted from not getting enough sleep that week, on the fourth night, I stop using RutaVala. I know I have a lot of old memories that I need to “Release” and “Forgive”, but somehow, I can’t bring myself to do it. I realize I am somewhat holding a grudge or obsessing (though I don’t feel that way), and I know I haven’t put closure to some of the events that happened. Since then I have smelled RutaVala but not for the use for sleep-aid of some sort. I do love the smell, though…I should learn EFT and do it on myself…

Any thoughts (on RutaVala effect on emotional release) anyone??  – Akiko

~ ~ ~

Thanks for sharing your experience with RutaVala. I recently purchased the oil with the intent of using it on my hubby. (He had a stroke last year and has been regressing… Emotionally and physically.) I’ve used it on him once but I really need to start using it more regularly with him. He’s become very depressed lately… Worse than I’ve EVER seen him. I have been using the Releasing Emotional Pattens With Essential Oils book to choose emotions he’s been feeling and using the associated oil.

Anyway….you might try the RutaVala again, but this time be sure to apply Release Oil Blend at the base of your neck. Whenever using any of the oils for emotions we always need to remember to use the Release to help us successfully and smoothly release those negative emotions. I’ve forgotten to use it before and its much more difficult…. it’s like the emotional oil is trying to get rid of the emotion but without the Release its “stuck” in your body!!  – Susannah

~ ~ ~

There has been much discussion of late on how to get off the roller coaster pharma drugs. Feel free to check the archives on the earlier discussions, but in the meantime:

To simplify this, for you, I can highly recommend the new RutaVala oil . I say this as my husband has recently stopped taking Wellbutrin (this has been my goal of mine for 8 years). It is a miracle and my husband has been very slow to come to the oils — but it is finally happening and much of it has been him watching me recover from a very debilitating auto accident, using oils and all the wonderful YL products for support.

What surprised me the most was my husband just saying, one day, “I am done with these pills, what have you got for me?” I actually felt he should wean himself off the drug, Wellbutrin, for awhile and incorporate the oils. He was not interested in that, so I had him apply the RutaVala oil to his brain stem each evening and each morning. He is doing fabulous and I am not seeing anything that concerns me. He is actually emerging from the “drug fog” to more himself, every day.

This testimony has come full circle for us, in our family, because my husband felt so much emotional pain, watching me as I suffered through the physical and emotional affects of my accident. He wanted ME to get on some antidepressants and I flat refused. It was tough, because I did not feel like any of the oils helped me (fully) on the emotional side, like they had helped me on the physical side of recovery. BUT RutaVala came to the rescue. This is the most amazing oil. It has been the one for me, and now my whole family.

My husband says, FINALLY he is seeing my personality come back. In addition to feeling; just plain, stronger, emotionally, I attribute my better mood to sleeping very well for the first time in 3 year — Again the RutaVala at night–just before bed along with Ningxia Red with equal part water to raise my PH just before bedtime. Super combo tonic for REM sleep.

My Neuro Psycologist said that severe brain trauma patients need a good night’s sleep each night, to help them function, at their highest potential during the day.

I really wish you the very best and am very proud of you taking the first step on a road to better health, naturally. I hope my testimony can help you and I will pray for you and your family. Please drop us a post now and again and let us know how you are doing.  – Pen

~ ~ ~

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