It has now been six months since I increased the amount of NingXia Red that I consume each day, and the results have been astounding! Please note that I was not “new” to drinking NingXia Red prior to January 2008 – I began drinking 1-2 ounces of its predecessor, Berry Young Juice when it was introduced in July 2002. I switched to NingXia Red when it came out, always consuming 1-2 ounces each day.

In January 2008, I “finally” decided to try the “Five Day Nutritive Cleanse. Because I have a history of hypoglycaemia in addition to having been on medication for hypothyroid for almost 50 years, I was reluctant to try – and even more “certain” that the outcome would not be good. To my amazement, I felt great while on the cleanse! Since the cleanse involves drinking six ounces of NingXia Red daily, I decided that perhaps it was time for me to increase the amount of NingXia Red I drink daily normally.

I had heard others say, “If you want to have an amazing positive shift in your overall wellness, commit to drinking six ounces of NingXia Red a day for six months.” Again, I was quite skeptical, but I had felt so good on the Five-Day Nutritive Cleanse that I thought I would try it and see . . .

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My wildest expectations were EXCEEDED!!!!!!!!!


I began wearing contact lenses/reading glasses in 1988. Like many people, I became “far-sighted” in my forties. During the past 20 years, my prescription increased in strength, and I was totally unable to read without the lenses or glasses. Within six weeks of increasing to six ounces of NingXia Red each day in January, I began noticing that I was having difficulty reading the computer screen. Interestingly, the “difficulty” turned out to be that the lenses were too strong! The strength was reduced from +3.0 to +2.0. However, within a few weeks, these also were too strong – and I stopped wearing the lenses altogether! (That was the end of March.) I can now read – even the tiny print on the mobile phones messages and on most of the Young Living essential oils bottles – without any correction! I am saving over $100 each month on lenses and solutions, and I don’t have to bother with them!!!

  • THYROID MEDICATION REDUCED BY 90%  NOTE:  I have now been totally OFF thyroid medication since January 2010!  Read my story of Hashimoto’s.  “Hypothyroid – My Story”.

As I mentioned earlier, I have been on medication for hypothyroid since 1959, and my dosage for over 45 years was more than that taken by many who have had the thyroid removed. When I began using the Young Living essential oils and supplements, I found that it was necessary for the medication to be reduced dramatically. The dosage has been steadily decreasing. However, since January 2008, it was necessary to decrease it at a faster rate, and I am now taking an extremely low dose – and I am confident that it will be eliminated completely within the next few months.


I have always been one to push myself to the limits of my physical endurance. However, what I have done in 2008 is far beyond what I had done previously. Among other things, in April, I flew to the US and the Caribbean, returned to Singapore for less than 5 days before flying to Australia for a brief 3-day trip . . . then back to Singapore for 30 hours before flying to Bali. Then, in May, it was back to Australia for training (this time for a week), and In July to the west coast of the US and to Canada where I taught and did private healing sessions.

The time changes alone are quite significant, but I found that I had no challenges at all with jet lag! I had built in 1 day to recover from the 35-hour trip in April with the 12-hour time change – but I did not need it! However, when I scheduled the trip to Canada in July, I again allowed myself one day to recover . . . and spent the day outside hiking around the beautiful city of Victoria. WOW! Sleeping “sitting up” and 12-hour to 15-hour time changes . . . and still plenty of energy!!!

Hummm . . . I don’t think I will be reducing my intake of NingXia Red anytime soon!!!

Oh, yes . . . except for a cold in March when I “forgot” to drink my usual amount of NingXia Red, I have been totally healthy with more energy that I can remember having. My overall cellular oxygenation, hydration, and cellular vitality levels are at the very top of the “normal range” – and way above that of most 65-year-olds!  I am so grateful . . .

Are YOU ready to move up to a state of wellness – that of OPTIMAL HEALTH?

Frances Fuller
6 August 2008