New Years Day – 2007

Contemplating to start this cleanse today or not!

Have been battling the sweets for weeks now….Thanksgiving started it all… been indulging in all the holiday foods ever since. When I get sugar in my system, I crave it. I did not realize how addicted I have become. It’s been years since I was this bad!

I’ve got to shift this. I’m sampling everything I see… I feel out of control!

Have also noticed my eyesight has shifted, over the past few weeks… the increase of sugar in the body is deadly… vision not as clear and sharp and feeling bloated also.

(Have you read Sugar Blues by William Dufty?? It is a small book but so very powerful….)

Anyway, I decided to JUST DO IT!!

Here we go!

I love my NingXia Red juice, so easily sipped my 2 ounces. Mixed up the Balance Complete shake with water. Wow, I love the taste! Drank it slowly and savoured every sip. Drank a big glass of water after and took a Digest and Cleanse Capsule.

Feeling good today! Since I woke up a little later today, it was easy to begin this. It was 10 am when I had my first shake and juice. I enjoyed two more shakes that day, and really did not feel hungry and I drank lots of water.

Had several releases (bowel movements) and released lots of water also. I didn’t feel bloated or anything, and went to sleep easily.

Day Two

Lost 1/2 pound– this is GOOD!!

Woke up feeling okay and feeling hungry for my shake and NingXia Red juice! I enjoyed it, and later had my morning snack. Had some gas today, the brochure mentioned taking Essentialzyme if this occurs so I took two and felt better. Also rubbed some Peppermint oil on my belly. The day went well, I am feeling more in control of my eating.

We walked a mile in the morning, and then went to the gym. Had energy and felt fine.

Felt hungry in the afternoon, so drank more water, had a few almonds and an apple.

Al and I went to dinner at a friend’s home……… was okay having my shake and some raw veggies while Al had Turkey soup, and whole wheat popovers. Their meal looked good, but I was OK with what I had. They had some chocolates for dessert. I feel like the cravings are subsiding, as I am able to see other food and sweets, and not want it. Later that evening, I had some warm water with Lemon and Orange oil in it when I felt hungry. Had more releases and slept well.

Day Three

Lost a pound… Excellent!! Felt really good! I had to hustle to meet a gal and walk the bridge; (two miles) so just had an apple and left, and then went to the gym for an hour. My energy slowed down at the gym so think it is better if I have the shake and NingXia Red before I work out. One good thing about having the shake a little later was that there was less time till lunch!! Enjoyed several rice crackers for the afternoon snack, with a few almonds. I find I am savouring every bite and eating slower, which is so much healthier and better for digestion. Was fine after dinner – did not feel hungry but was a bit headachy, my urine is becoming dark and syrupy and I had a small bowel movement.

Day Four

Lost a pound! I like this!!! Puts me in a good mood seeing results on the scale.

Today I had my shake and juice before walking two miles. Took a break from the gym today.

My legs started aching; could be from the gym as we just started back recently or is it toxins?? Was feeling out of sorts. Nose running… even eyes releasing but no cold or allergy. I got a pimple also – am releasing toxins. Urine is still dark today– thick and foamy with a foul odour – surprising after drinking so much water!

I was hoping to see my reflexologist today, but she had to cancel session… was disappointed and moody…  I felt it would help me move everything thru. Having some body aches and pains so I walked the beach, and put my feet in the water.

Drank more lemon water, got through the day and went to bed early.

Day Five

Lost only 1/2 pound… was liking the pound a day…oh well still lost something! I still feel out of sorts and was still urinating lots… walked two miles and went to the gym. Had a good workout and a pear for my morning snack with some almonds. I was able to see a massage therapist that afternoon. Met her recently and she is interested in the oils, and learning how to use them… so grabbed a few oils and had a massage. She focused on my legs and feet and I felt so much better after… later that night I had a very large release. Wow… toxic sludge for sure! Will spare details, but it was quite awful yet wonderful to be rid of it. My body shifted after that and I felt so much better. My urine was still dark thought. I slept well.

Note: In the brochure with instructions for this cleanse, it said that there are two distinct phases in the cleansing process. Phase one toxins broken down and made water soluble. Phase two removes toxins from the body. That was definitely Phase Two!!!

Day Six – Morning after completion

Lost another pound this morning, I feel like a million bucks! Head is clear,  eyesight clear, no body aches and total of four pounds released during this cleanse. I feel lighter – refreshed… my stomach is down and I feel leaner. Had my morning shake and juice. I think I will continue with one shake a day – breakfast or lunch, depending on my schedule to stay on maintenance.

Walked my two miles and took a two hour yoga class… My energy is very strong! I chose wisely for my other meals today, slowly introducing solid food. I was not drawn to any sweets — had no desire at all. I really like the taste of fruit and find it sweet enough. Veggies taste wonderful, and I am drinking lots more water. I think I had been a little dehydrated previously and did not realize it. I feel back in balance, sugar out of system…what a relief!

Day Seven – After completion

On maintenance… one shake with 2 ounces of NingXia Red and Digest and Cleanse caps as needed. Fruit for snacks, and light lunch, salad for dinner with one hardboiled egg. Felt it was important to note this day as well. I feel excellent and accomplished so much today! I was energetic all day. Cleaned, did laundry, paid bills, caught up on many things that needed doing and have been lingering for weeks. Amazing how much clearer the mind is when the sugar and toxins are removed!!

Day Eight – After completion

Wow – lost another 1/2 pound!! That makes 4 1/2 pounds so far. Feeling good and strong! Walked and went to the gym… am completing this diary…


I am very glad I did this cleanse. It was much easier than the Master Cleanse. I used to dread the Master Cleanse, because it is so intense….but this was easy. The NingXia Red juice is so powerful, and provides antioxidants and nutrients. I felt I was getting the vitamins and nutrients I needed. I did not feel deprived like I do on the Master Cleanse. I still feel there is a time and place for the Master Cleanse, but for me– this was perfect. And I really like the Balance Complete shake and find it filling, especially if you drink the 8-12 ounces of water after. The taste is good also.

I will recommend this to my distributors and clients. It is a gentle way to begin cleansing and cleaning the body for better health.

I plan on doing this four times a year. I may even do it a few days longer next time, as I love the easy weight loss. I now savour every bite or sip of my food rather than gobbling it down and it is so wonderful to know I can say NO again to sweets and really mean it!!!


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