Many thanks to Wing Ying for sharing her experience with DIGIZE blend to eliminate parasites.  Most of us are harbouring these pesky things, but we just do not realize that the “digestive problems” may be related to parasites.

Raw, fresh vegetables and fruits are far more nutritious, but they do usually carry the risk of parasites.  One thing that we can do as a preventative measure is to wash all our produce in water with a few drops of lemon essential oil. The lemon essential oil will kill most of the parasites by soaking the vegetables and fruits for a few minutes and then rinsing them thoroughly.

(Of course, when we eat out, it is highly unlikely that the vegetables have been washed in this manner!) 


Hi Frances,
Thanks for your advice on taking Digize to fight parasites. My Eosinophils level is now back to within the norm after 2 bottles. The dosage you recommended was one full capsule, 3 times a day for 7 days. I also applied the oil topically on the abdomen. However, I increased the oral intake of 2 times a day for another 7 days! After 2 weeks, I take it once a day until I finished 2 bottles in time for the blood test. Let me explain as you may want to share this with others.

Eosinophils are produced in the body for fighting parasites. Eosinophils primarily deal with parasitic infections and an increase in them may indicate such. It is more targeted against parasites than bacteria. Eosinophils are also the predominant inflammatory cells in allergic reactions. The most important causes of eosinophilia include allergies such as asthma, hay fever, and hives (but I don’t have them) ; and also parasitic infections. But it could indicate other things too like infection and inflammation.  It constitutes a small proportion of peripheral blood leucocytes (white blood cell (WBC) population).
For a normal person, the reference range is

  • 3 – 5% of WBC population
  • 0.00 – 0.70 X10 9/L (cells per micro Litre of blood)

Before & After
My eosinophils used to hover around 2.9 – 4.2% and my cell count ranges from 0.10 to 0.20.
In early Aug 07, my readings shot up to 10.2% and 0.50. By end of Aug, after 2 weeks of Digize, the level dropped to  0.40. In mid- Oct, the level went back to my pre-days of 0.20 and 4.2%.

Hurray for DIGIZE!

Cheong Wing Ying

~ ~ ~

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