Helichrysum + Lavender for Injuries and Bruising

Many thanks to Shireen Tanumihardja for sharing her experience so that we can all learn – and be prepared for emergencies!


I would like to share an experience I had with the wonderful healing oils from Young Living.

While cleaning the house one day, a block of decorative stone, weighing around 5kgs, fell on the big toe of my left foot. Only the big toe mind you, hence the full crushing impact was felt on just one single spot of my foot. I yelped in pain and managed to stagger to my “Essential Oils Desk Reference”, where under bruising (could not find crushing pain!), Helichrysum and Lavender were recommended. I dropped a few drops of Helichrysum first, waited 2 minutes and then a few drops of Lavender. To my great relief, the intense pain subsided almost immediately even though there was some bruising. I could walk about but had to wear slippers so as not to brush against my big toe. I repeated the same treatment several times that day,

There was still some bruising and slight pain the next day and it was apparent after a week. But after 2 weeks of continual application of Helichrysm and Lavender, once in the morning and once in the evening, the bruises were gone and I could point my toes, wear shoes and move my foot around freely! Till today, I don’t know if any bones have been crushed but it sure does not feel like it 🙂

Shireen Tanumihardja,

(NOTE: Essential oils can speed the healing of bruises and reduce the risk of blood clot formation. Lavender and helichrysum assist in the re-absorption of blood that has collected in the tissues, causing the discoloration that is associated with bruises. Other oils such as cypress and lemongrass assist in strengthening the walls of the blood vessels and supporting circulation.)