I just had to share this! After convention and hearing Gary speak about the huge benefits of the combo of Frankincense and Idaho Balsam Fir, I was just waiting for the opportunity to try it out.

Well unfortunately/fortunately I got my wish. My-son in-law walked into a bar on the floor and broke AT LEAST his pinky toe, probably another small bone or two in the top of his foot as well, from the way it immediately turned black and swelled up so much that he couldn’t put a shoe on. He could not walk on it all day and was ready to go to the hospital. He is a tree-trimmer and could not even put his boot on to work.

I went to the store and bought those toe-tubes (a tube-like bandage that you cut and slide over the toe for bunions, etc). I turned it inside out and saturated it with Lavender, Frankincense and Idaho Balsam Fir, turned it back then had him put it on the toe and we wrapped it with tape to hold it in place.

That was three days ago. I’ve done this the last two nights before he went to bed.

My daughter just called me and they are so excited. No more bruise, no more pain, he can bend his toes/foot, and he can even wear his sneakers. He is amazed. She is amazed.

I’m still amazed that it is taking them so long to catch on that THESE¬†OILS WORK!
Judy Ray

(NOTE:¬†When a drop or two of Myrrh is added, it is truly a “one blend for everything”. Although these oils are expensive, you may choose to get together with friends and make up blends for each of you to have on hand, literally for everything from rashes to headaches…..to muscle aches…. to broken bones.)