Q: My brother got a 3rd degree sprain ankle yesterday at baseball practice. He is in college and is leaving in 4 weeks to play in Florida, and the doctors don’t know if he will be healed yet, and this is a big tournament for him. What oils could he take internally or what oils can he rubs on his ankle and what supplements would be good to take to for a faster recovery?

Thanks so much!
Patricia, Illinois

A: Have your brother apply the Raindrop Kit of oils on his ankle, every single day, until it is healed. Tell him to use about 5 drops of each oil, one after another, in the following sequence: Valor, oregano, thyme, basil, wintergreen, cypress, marjoram, peppermint, and Aroma Siez. Each 5 ml bottle contains about 85-100 drops, so one kit can last 17-20 days. He may need two kits, if he’s consistent every day.

If he can afford it, I’d also have him add frankincense, Trauma Life, and chamomile. I would add Helichrysum, but Young Living is out of it at the moment.

He might also want to take BLM (stands for Bone, Ligament, and Muscle), and he might want to take 5-6 of these a day.

My daughter, Jessica, 27, has a degree in Exercise Science, which means that she’s always been involved in the health/fitness/ training world. She has had several experiences, damaging her shoulder, a knee, and her neck, over the years. In each situation, she used the Raindrop oils, consistently, every day, on each injury, and they healed beautifully.

While on the Young Living cruise, Jessica tripped on a root walking from one platform to another while doing a zip-lining excursion in Honduras, and she broke her foot. My son, who was with her at the time, heard a twig snap as she fell, but it turned out to be a bone in her foot. The only oil they had with them was a spray bottle I’d made up for a bug spray which contained water, and lemon and Purification oils. They sprayed her foot down, right away, which we believe inhibited internal bleeding and prevented severe bruising. They had to zip-line her out in a stretcher, and eventually we got her back to the ship. Marilee Tolen and Barbara Ploe immediately began to apply oils and Marilee did some Healing Touch.

Since the clinic on the ship used a removable air cast on her foot, she was able to apply a lot of oils every day. She used not only the Raindrop oils, but almost every other oil you can think of that we had on hand. Linda Smith also did a Healing Touch session for her, which we believe helped immensely. She also took a combination of Valerian (10 drops), Vetiver (10 drops), Clove (5 drops), and Helichrysum (5 drops), internally in caps, two or three times a day for pain. It was such an amazing time – Jessica happened to have the Raindrop oils with her, and I had many other wonderful oils, such as Frankincense, Chamomile, Lavender, PanAway and Helichrysum. Sophie Ann Aoki shared the internal oils for pain with us, and Young Living people, all over the ship, heard about the accident, and offered us all the oils we would need. It was an extraordinary community-based experience.

It has now been 15 days since the accident at she has yet to take one single dose of the prescription medications for pain given to her at the clinic. As long as she doesn’t hit her foot against something, she’s been pain free. She is also taking BLM every day.

When she went to an orthopaedic surgeon after returning to Colorado, he, and his nurse, seemed surprised at how well she was doing. Her foot is barely discoloured or swollen.

To be honest, one of the most interesting things that has come out of this experience is our realization that the oils work so well, people actually don’t believe us. They think, “It must not have been very damaged,” etc. Jessica and I have come to realize that with all the amazing healings we’ve seen in the past 13 years of working with the oils, this has been one of our greatest challenges.

We were at an office store last night, and Jessica was on crutches, and another lady was there who also broke her foot, falling on ice, about a week before Jessica had her accident. This woman told Jessica about the severe pain she’s in and all the medications she’s on. Jessica told this lady her story, and asked her if she would like to try some oils, and the woman said, “No.” We were just stunned at her response. Then, once we were in the car, we realized that the woman apparently could not understand and believe that Jessica could have had a similar situation, and that she’s pain free, using all natural oils and supplements.

We feel such gratitude for these oils and products, and that natural healing is an integral part of our everyday life.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day, and if you haven’t put your oils on yet today, please go do it now.

In Love and Gratitude,
Vicki Opfer
31 January, 2007