The Healing Intents of Raindrop Therapy

By Rhonda Ann Clarke

Raindrop Therapy is my most popular spa treatment, when traveling to different destinations, as it is unique and powerful. For almost three years now, I have shared this therapy with many clients from all over the world. After studying the Rainbow Healing System and Raindrop Therapy with Frances Fuller in Phuket, Thailand, where she came regularly to do certification programs, these systems became my way to self-heal and bring awareness to my own creative and healing process.

My travels have taken me to spas doing Raindrop Therapy in Moscow, Singapore, Edmonton, Perth, Hua Hin, Phuket, Bangkok and many more to come!! I have trained Raindrop Therapy to Spa therapists in Moscow as well as Language of Light intents. Whilst in Moscow, a popular TV channel filmed me doing a Raindrop Therapy treatment on their host, as they are very interested in unique techniques.

Blend of INTENTS

Raindrop Therapy is a powerful healing treatment that has an incredible blend of INTENTS!!! Young Living INTENTS, Language of Light INTENTS and my own unique magic!!

The INTENT behind the Young Living oils is powerful!! I have tried other oils, but kept going back to the original creators of the Raindrop Technique. Frances knows all about the intense healing that is in Young Living oils as well; I tried other oils just to prove this point and haven’t found any other oils that feel as potent and healing as Young Living’s creations!!

The techniques of Raindrop combine well with the Language of Light (LOL) glyphs and INTENTS. For instance, during the “feathering” technique, which flows up the spine 9 times, I INTEND each symbol to move through the spine. I played with many different ways to blend LOL, and used my intuition with whatever came first – maybe the elements, or rainbow colours spiraling out of my fingers during the “circles” with the Basil oil or maybe karmic cleansing, or intending the chakras to burst open, or 4 subtle bodies to balance, etc. etc.

It began with consistent focused, clear INTENTS that were all similar and then progressed to being unique to each individual as my ascension stages shifted. I connected more to my Source, and my unique magic when doing the intents. Clients have often said to me after a session, “Oh wow, I saw all kinds of rainbow colours!!!” One INTENT, that was powerful for me, was spiraling the LOL rainbow colours and energy from the earth, through the clients’s form and field up to their Source, and wow, this was so much JOY for me! The sensations were natural, quite playful and very light (high vibrations).

The most healing INTENT for me and the client was to do everything very slowly with simple a nurturing INTENT. During the circles in the Basil, I slowed it down twice as much as in the training. When I initially put my fingers tips along the spine, I sink slowly in and invite the fibers to release my fingers for me, then sink in again and do the 3 circles, and then again . . . this is a reflection of my imbalance and how I want to receive massage movements in my muscles – slow enough that it gives me time to relax. Clients usually fell asleep during the Basil stage.

Also, during the slow Basil stage, I would connect to the client’s quantum field and see visions that may be messages for the client. My first trip to Spa Palestra in Moscow, I was told that clients “expected” these intuitive readings. I knew it was important to not give the client information that “takes the power away from them”. I would always explain to them that any visions I had may not be theirs and also, is “symbolism” only. The INTENTS were accurate and resonated with most of the clients and I was amazed with what information I picked up!! My 3rd eye really opened up more and I learned to trust the first “blink” vision!!

I have invited Raindrop Therapy to shift, change and evolve naturally. For instance, during my second visit to Moscow, my therapies changed and I was not doing any “intuitive readings”, but more nurturing massages blended with the Raindrop Techniques. I would do 45 mins of Raindrop and then another 45 mins of deep slow intuitive massage with a balm that blended the Raindrop oils. Every client has said to me that my therapies are so relaxing and they “have never received anything like it!!!” Actually, I am a Movement Therapist and not an experienced masseuse!! This really taught me about the power of INTENT, Language of Light, and how important the nurturing energy is for me and the client.

Client Reactions to the Oils

With my study of astrology, I have been able to pinpoint astrology signs just from how they react to the oils!!! Pisces are easy to spot!! Their backs go on fire!! They are incredibly sensitive!! This is a generalization of course, but I have been 100% accurate with these assumptions.

Also, teenagers and young, young clients who are sensitive in their energies have been the only ones who have said to me, “I am burning up!!!”, and I have had to add the vegetable oil to take away the fire sensation. The more insecure, the more reaction!! It has been easy for me to see who is sensitive and who is not. Even the skin type can tell you that. With these clients, I use only 2 drops, but if they are dehydrated, the oils do not spread as easily. With big men, I’ll use 4 drops. (Frances teaches to use 3 drops).

People who are rigid with tight backs hardly go on fire . . . it’s as if the oils, including my fingers, are connecting to concrete!!! I have learned not to force anything and to work with their level of receiving, the slower the better. Often these rigid people are dehydrated as well; sucking the oils in to their spine very quickly. Before every session, I make sure clients drink a glass of water and lots afterwards!! If they can be informed beforehand, drinking at least half a liter is important.

The spine tells many “stories” and of course these are all “concepts” and it is during the 3rd stage of Circles with Basil that I receive the most information about the client’s chakras and blocked areas along the spine. You can tell right away if they are the “controlling” types, rigid, or sensitive, etc. etc. You will find your way of reading the spine. The key is not to take the power away from the client by giving them information that creates labels. In some spas, no “reading” is expected after the session.

I have used the oils on men with the flu and have put twice as much oils on their backs and basically said to them, “you will receive lots of burning sensations and this will help draw the flu out”! They love it!! Interesting, in Moscow, they have dried mustard in satchels like tea bags and during a cough, they wet it and put it on their chest. This sensation is very similar to Raindrop heat and is an ancient Russian remedy!!

When the hot towel goes on to the spine, the client will feel the most heat and burning sensations along the spine. Some have said to me that it felt like I put “acid” on their backs. Of course, this was mostly during the times that I used other oils that were not Young Living!!! So, these oils may have had solvents that reacted even more to the skin!!!

Young Living oils are expensive, but it’s worth the investment. At some spas, you are asked to do free therapies for journalists for PR purposes and I made sure that the spa paid me at least $20 per session for the use of the oils only.

Also, a friend here in Phuket, created a belt that holds all 9 oils with about 12 separate pouches that hold 15 ml bottles perfectly (or even larger). This works best!!! Looks cool too!! People love commenting on that look!!! All kinds of jokes come out!! Interesting, in every country someone always says, “Wow, tequila shots!” Heehee!