This is a wonderful description of our digestive system – and one which could assist us greatly in understanding just why we have certain symptoms relating to digestion.  Many, many thanks to Vicki Opfer for sharing her vast knowledge of both the human body and essential oils so we all can benefit!


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“Stomach Problems” 

Heartburn and acid reflux are easy to fix – take a little Alkalime, which is an effervescent powder, and add it to a little water and drink it – it’s an INSTANT RELIEF for heartburn and reflux. I mean INSTANT! It’s amazing! I always keep a bottle in the kitchen.

Now let’s get to the problem… which could involve dehydration, hernia, inflammation, bacterial infection, etc.
So in addition to drinking a LOT of water, and doing a cleanse, I might also consider taking Thieves caps, just in case there is a bacterial infection in the stomach. I would also use Polyzyme to help me digest proteins, and I ALWAYS take 4-5 Detoxyme before going to bed to help my body finish digesting undigested food that is in the system which, otherwise, will putrefy overnight and become toxic. (And a burden to the system) Detoxyme contains enzymes which will digest fats, carbs, fiber, AND proteins. Polyzyme is specific for proteins, so it would also be a great addition, as it is specific, and she may need more of it than may be available in Detoxyme alone.

Getting weekly Raindrop applications could help reduce inflammation in the body, as well as eating lots of fruits and vegetables, and eating less meats, breads, grains, and dairy.

I know that this sounds like a lot to do, and I feel like I’m “coming out with both barrels blasting” as Gary Young would say, but even if your friend only does some of this, or uses what she has on hand, it might be helpful.

Vicki Opfer

The following was written by Vicki in response to a question concerning “where to begin” to regain health.

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Wellness Model for Regaining Health
Yours is not a simple question – as you mentioned, it’s complicated. However, let’s see if we can simplify the situation, as a place to start. And remember, I’m not qualified to tell you what to do – that’s not just trying to be FDA correct, I’m truly not qualified. I’m a teacher, not a doctor, so I’ll teach you what I know.

If this were happening to me I’d start drinking more water. Your body requires half your weight, in ounces of water, every day. That means that a 150-pound person requires 75 ounces of water every day. When you breathe out, on a cold day, and see your breath, that’s water and toxins being expelled. We give off water 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Water is necessary to keep the body flushed and cleansed of waste material.

Interesting – a person eats a meal, and the stomach is digesting the food, and since the tender tissue below the stomach can’t handle the acids used in digestion, the pancreas squirts a sodium bicarbonate water solution underneath the pyloric valve (separating stomach from intestine) and this solution triggers the valve to open, the food drops down, and is slightly neutralized before heading on down the system.

Eventually, the nutrients in the food are absorbed through hair-like structures in the intestinal walls called villa. The waste material is sent on down, and is flushed through the colon and out the rectum. Liquid wastes can be excreted through the water system, and out through the bladder. So you’ve got 4 ways for toxins and waste material to leave the body – the rectum, the bladder, the lungs, and the skin. (When skin conditions develop, it may mean that one of the other eliminative systems is malfunctioning.)

Now let’s look at a person who doesn’t drink enough water – they drink soda, coffee, tea, herbal tea, etc., but not much water. Unfortunately, the body processes all of these liquids differently than water – and they ALL require water to process….. In fact, everything but water takes water to process.

So this person has just eaten a meal, and the stomach is digesting. Only this time, since breathing is more important than digesting, there’s not enough water to squirt underneath the pyloric valve, and the valve stays shut. Whoa – it’s getting pretty acidic in the stomach about now, and if the food can’t go down, it tries to go up – and the person might have indigestion, heartburn, or reflux.

If you EVER have these symptoms, drink a couple of glasses of pure water, and it almost always clears up in a few minutes. Hopefully, no more digestive aids or antacids for us!!! If that doesn’t help, take a little Alkalime in water. It works instantly and is much better for us than any of the over the counter preparations.

So, to continue, finally, the body manages to find enough water to squirt underneath the pyloric valve (it usually takes it from the colon, where it is badly needed already), and the pyloric valve opens, and the food drops down, but unfortunately, it’s too acidic, and the sodium bicarbonate solution is too weak to neutralize it correctly. As it goes through the system, it may damage the little villa, and actually cause them to lie down, and become stuck to the
side of the intestine, not able to absorb nutrients the way they should. If this goes one for a period of time, and the body is not absorbing nutrients, there will come a time when no matter how well we’re eating – the body begins to starve for lack of nutrients.

As the food continues through the system, it’s dry and won’t flush easily. The colon may become backed up, and constipation occurs. As material builds up in the colon, pockets can form with waste material pushing out, and the colon can become malformed, and not easily flushed. Now you’ve got a perfect breeding ground for all sorts of microbes – bacteria, fungi, viruses, parasites, and often, they feed on each other. They also all give off their own waste material, which is not healthy for us because now, our immune system has to deal with all of these toxins.

When an immune system is already overburdened because nutrients are not being absorbed correctly, the body may not have the tools it needs for protection and repair, The immune system begins to malfunction and may either over-stimulate or under-stimulate, and the body will take the path of least resistance – which means that it will break down according to genetic weaknesses or personal weaknesses.

Next thing you know, this person is complaining about having this condition, or that condition. Dr. Jean Claude LaPraz, MD, French medical doctor, says that when the body begins to break down, the liver and the kidneys are the first organs to become compromised. …

Gary Young had a research clinic in Mexico in the 80’s. He was very familiar with this model, and when patients came in, he would begin to hydrate the body, offer enzymes to help digest food and toxic waste material, cleanse the colon, offer nutrients like vitamins and minerals, and do whatever he could to enhance and support the immune system.

This may be an effective approach for many people, and is brilliant, in my humble opinion. – Simply put – hydrate, cleanse, build, and support.

In Young Living, we have the Cleansing Trio (which contains enzymes, fibre, and herbs to push them through the system), and JuvaTone and JuvaFlex (oil blend) for the liver, ParaFree for parasite concerns. What a sweet and gentle way to cleanse the body of unwanted waste material. And with our new products, one could use the 5 Day Cleanse frequently over a period of time, as well as Detoxyme to help the body digest foods.

To rebuild the body, we’ve got a super food called Ningxia Red, which is the first product that I would begin to use if I was in your situation. This product offers so much support to the body, that it’s an absolute must. We also have the Restore Your Core regime, and MultiGreens – my all time favourite supplement for increasing stamina, and Master Formula His/Hers multi vitamins, which contain time released nutrients for best absorption). We also have Mineral Essence, which is an excellent source of minerals.

For the immune system, we have Longevity and Omega Blue (essential oils in capsules), ImmuPro (this will help you sleep, also), ImmuneTune, Exodus, and Immupower (oil blend). And again, Ningxia Red is perfect for rebuilding the immune system.

We have lots of other wonderful products that support the body – CardiaCare (supplement) and HRT (tincture) for the heart, K & B tincture for the kidney and bladder – YOU decide what makes sense to you.

So the bottom line here is to nurture and nourish the body back to health. Are you drinking enough water? Is it a good idea to cleanse, build, or support your body? Are you getting enough rest? How about enough fresh air and sunshine? Do you exercise? (The body loves exercise.) How about mental, emotional, and spiritual nourishment?

So, this is what I know about getting a body to heal itself – if you’ll be patient, and nurture and nourish yourself, in as many ways as you can think of, and absolutely make sure you’re drinking enough water, every single day, I’m sure you can see improvements – it may be slow at first, but you will begin to notice them. Eventually, like Gary Young, I hope that you can become vibrant and healthy once again.

I realize that this wellness model may not be appropriate for all conditions – there have to be exceptions. It’s a simple way of looking at very complex and variable situations. I’ve had a wonderful opportunity to interact with so many great people all these years, and this model has been very beneficial to many of us.

Wishing you a healthier, happier, and more abundant life,

Vicki Opfer