Great news about the healing effects of RAW PAPAYA LEAVES! The fruit contains many enzymes which can aid digestion and assist in maintaining optimum health, but I had never even thought about using the leaves medicinally as a tonic. Apparently, the juice of raw papaya leaves could be a remedy for DENGUE FEVER!

Use about 2 papaya leaves per serving as the yield per leaf is only 1 tablespoon.

  • Pound and push through a straining cloth.
  • Drink once or twice a day – or as needed.

(NOTE: Use only the leaf. DO NOT HEAT as heat will destroy some of the enzymes!)

The juice is rather bitter, but it can save a life. I find it to be equally effective to place the leaves into a blender,  adding enough water to make about a liter.  (Make sure that you drink the juice of TWO leaves each time.)

What if you do not have a papaya tree in your yard? Perhaps it would be appropriate NOW to get a medium pot for houseplants and fill it with potting soil. Then purchase a delicious papaya fruit, saving the seeds and placing them on the soil – or just under the surface. (My monkey has “planted” over 40 papaya trees by tossing the unwanted seeds onto the ground – no “planting” required! He is such a good little farmer.)

By starting your own papaya plants NOW, you will be READY in the event that you or your family should need the leaves. Whether it is dengue or flu, the raw papaya leaf juice could not be detrimental – and it just might be the key to your recovery!

Many thanks to Vivienne Lau-Chew for sending me this wonderful information along with the personal experiences of relatives of her friends!

Many wishes for HEALTH & HAPPINESS,

~ ~ ~

I would like to share this interesting discovery from a classmate’s son who has just recovered from dengue fever. Apparently, his son was in the critical stage at the SJMC ICU when his platelet counts dropped to 15 [thousand] after several blood transfusions.

His father was so worried that he sought another friend’s recommendation and his son was saved. He confessed to me that he give his son raw juice of the papaya leaves. From a platelet count of 45 [thousand] after 20 litres of blood transfusion, his platelet count jumped instantly to 135 [thousand] and after drinking the raw papaya leaf juice! Even the Doctors and nurses were surprised. After the second day he was discharged. He asked me to pass this good news around.

~ ~ ~

A friend of mine had dengue last year. It was a very serious situation for her as her platelet count had dropped to 28,000 after 3 days in hospital, and water had started to fill up her lung. She had difficulty in breathing; she was only 32-years old. The doctor said that there wasn’t a cure for dengue. We just had to wait for her body immune system to build up resistance against dengue and fight its own battle. She already had 2 blood transfusions and all of us were praying very hard as her platelet count had continued to drop since the first day she was admitted.

Fortunately her mother-in-law heard that papaya leaf juice would help to reduce the fever and got some papaya leaves, pounded them and squeezed the juice out for her. The next day, her platelet count started to increase, and her fever subsided. We continued to feed her with papaya juice and she recovered after 3 days!!! Amazing, but it’s true.

It is believed one’s body would be overheated when one is down with dengue, and that also causes the patient to have fever. Papaya leaf juice has cooling effect and thus helps to reduce the heatiness in one’s body, and the fever will go away. I found that it’s also good when one is having sore throat or suffering from heatiness. – Vivienne Lau-Chew