Do YOU suffer from sinus challenges? Perhaps the following information, from Marilee Tolen’s newsletter, will be of help. Why not be PRO-ACTIVE this year?

– Frances Fuller

Stop Sinus Stuff Before It Starts
Marilee Tolen, RN

Fall is a time of year when sinus-y stuff starts to happen. Many people attribute sinus problems to the spring, but fall is also a major time of difficulty for sinus sufferers.

Here are some reasons why:
• Mold produced by leaf decay
• Potent weed allergens
• Decay from bug death
• Heating systems coming on
• Less fresh air in households
• Cooler weather makes us crave sweets and carbs (eating them can affect our sinuses too)

It is true that our external environment has a huge role to play in attributing to sinus problems, but our internal environment (inside our bodies) has more of an influence on sinus conditions than the outside of our body.

If our internal environment is in “good shape”, then it can help combat what we are exposed to externally.

What constitutes “good shape”?
• Balanced ecology in the gut (decent population of good bacteria with little yeast overgrowth)Potent weed allergens
• More alkaline and less acid (eating veggies and fruits and not sugar, caffeine, white flour)
• Well hydrated
• Well rested
• Well oxygenated (daily exercise)
• Well cleansed (bowels moving)

Why is balanced ecology in the gut such an important factor?
The entire alimentary canal (the gastrointestinal system starting with the mouth and ending with the anus) is made up of mucous membrane. We often call the abdominal portion of the gastrointestinal system “the gut”.

When the gut has a good ecological terrain of balanced flora it can influence the other areas of the body that have the same mucous membrane tissue.

Think about where else mucous membrane is in the body:

Respiratory System
• Sinuses
• Mouth
• Nose
• Windpipe and Lungs

Urogential System
• Vagina
• Urethra
• Urinary bladder

These areas are often affected by candida or yeast overgrowth which can lead to symptoms which are often called ‘infections’ (many times they are infections, but many times they are just an overgrowth of yeast).

In the years of my practice I saw many people with sinus conditions. This condition was often accompanied by other problems in the body – such as allergies, skin disorders, frequent headaches, depression, stomach problems, and colon issues to name a few.

Many of these people loved and often ate these foods:
— Cheeses, especially aged
— Wine
— Sugar
— Mushrooms
— Bread made with yeast
— Food with preservatives (packaged food)
— Cakes, pastries, cookies
— Pizza
— Acid forming beverages: coffee, tea, soda

And very often these folks were constipated.

Along with eating an balanced alkaline diet, here are two very effective ways to deal with sinus issues:

Colon cleansing
Cleansing the colon can keep the overgrowth of candida at bay. Sinus conditions clear up when the colon is clear.

As a former Wellness Center owner I used to observe that when people had colonics with good results, they almost always simultaneously experienced sinus drainage. Any sinus congestion they had before their cleansing often disappeared with the good results of the cleanse.

Nutritional products that you can use at home for cleansing, and even foods that help cleanse the body can offer the same results as it relates to sinuses.

Using premium essential oils
This is a no brainer. If you understand how premium essential oils create an environment where overgrowth or imbalance of micro-organisms can NOT take place – in other words the overgrowth of yeast, fungus, and any pathogenic organisms will not occur, then you can see why using these for sinus problems can be very helpful.

Many microbes, especially the ones that don’t serve us, love to hang out in dark moist environments – and that is exactly what our sinus cavities are (note how they are called ‘cavities’) – a dark moist environment.

Inhalation, diffusing, and even taking essential oils internally can be extremely helpful for sinus sufferers. If you want to take them internally, make sure the label has “Supplemental Facts” on it (overseen by the FDA) – this way you know you can them take internally.

You may be hard pressed to find that on labels in essential oils, but you will find it in Young Living oils – that is one of the many reasons I love Young Living.

Make sure you see the short video clip below on how to use an essential oil for inhalation.

Essential Oil Tip: Inhalation

A great way to use essential oils for sinus issues is inhalation.