Sprained/Strained Ankle
My Personal Experience
Frances Fuller
24 May 2009

It was a beautiful morning 3 days ago – until I injured my left ankle! Fortunately I was very close to my home when the injury occurred, and I limped back. After first applying LAVENDER essential oils to the entire ankle, I got out the plastic zipper-bag of ice that is always ready in the freezer for people in my village in Bali, and put it on my foot. It didn’t hurt too much then, but within an hour, it was so painful I could not walk – at all!

What to do???

Remembering the words of a wonderful essential oils teacher, Vicki Opfer, I pulled out my Raindrop oils and began applying them one by one (waiting 2 minutes between each oil) directly on the injured area. I decided to add PANAWAY and DEEP RELIEF to the basic oils just for good measure.

Before bed that night, I repeated the Raindrop oils on the ankle. However, it was impossible to find a comfortable position that would allow me to sleep. After two hours, I applied 2 drops of WINTERGREEN, PANAWAY, PEPPERMINT, and DEEP RELIEF. This allowed me to sleep for two hours . . . so I repeated that when I awakened again – and I wondered just WHY I had chosen to make the toilet so far from my bed!!!

The next morning, the entire left ankle and foot was swollen, I could not even put the slightest weight on it. My other leg and hip were beginning to feel the effects of my hopping around. Besides, I wondered if my bladder could possibly stand the hopping “all the way” to the toilet! As I slid out of the bed, the thought occurred to me that I might be able to CRAWL . . . so I set out on the “long journey” to the toilet, crawling on the very hard tile floor (and thinking how silly I must look) . . .

Finally I made it back to the bed and applied another round of Raindrop oils to the ankle with a generous amount of PanAway and Deep Relief. I also decided that it would be helpful to use my pillows under my knees on the next trip.

Amazingly, there was NO PAIN – except when I tried to put weight on the foot. (I could not even “rest it on the floor”, but I was at least mobile and could reach the computer without assistance. At night I again applied the Raindrop oils – and slept very late the next morning! (My Balinese “family” was quite worried as there was no activity in my house!)

Just 72 hours after the injury, when I got out of bed, I found that I could actually WALK! That was very important because by then my RIGHT hip and knee hurt as well as BOTH knees being rather “scuffed up” from the crawling. However, there was no pain in the ankle or foot and only minimal swelling. My greatest pain was the muscle spasm in my lower right leg (the big muscle, called the gastrocnemius). As I reached for my oils, I decided that MARJORAM, PEPPERMINT, and DEEP RELIEF were definitely indicated!!! Gratefully, I applied the precious essential oils to my knotted muscle and did a few yoga stretches.

I will take it easy for the next few days, but I consider it a miracle that I am able to walk – and I will definitely be more careful when walking my dogs in the future!

NOTE: The “Raindrop oils” to which I referred are the 7 single oils and two blends that are included in the Raindrop Technique, which was developed by D. Gary Young. They include OREGANO, THYME, BASIL, CYPRESS, WINTERGREEN. MARJORAM. PEPPERMINT, VALOR and AROMA SIEZ. I did not use Aroma Siez as I added PANAWAY and DEEP RELIEF blends.

~ ~ ~

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