• 1 liter warm water
  • 5-7 drops LEMON essential oil
  • 1 Tablespoon (15ml) Himalayan mountain salt or Celtic Sea Salt
  • Acidophilus capsule (Young Living’s LIFE 5)
  • Alarm clock
  • Toilet paper
  • Direct access to toilet

Drink the mixture in 30 minutes or less.
If no bowel movements occur, drink some more water.

Your initial bowel movements may be solid. However your subsequent ones will be liquid. When the bowel movements have finished, you may have your breakfast.

Prior to Cleanse

If you have problems with constipation, please be sure to HYDRATE the body before beginning the cleanse.
Make certain that you can drink 1 liter water at once.

NOTE: persons with very advanced forms of ulcer, appendicitis, intestinal tuberculosis, or cancer are recommended not to practice this technique.

Western Analysis:
This is an excellent method of cleansing the intestinal tract. This cleanse provides an internal bath for the body, drawing out toxins as it cleanses the entire intestinal tract. Remember, it can do no harm at any time.

The large intestine (1.5m long) is connected below the smaller intestine; through it all solid waste leaves the body. It is said the average person has 5 pounds (2 kg) of undigested waste (usually of animal origin) in the large intestine. Anyone that has ever eaten meat, aged cheese or other dairy and has not done a cleanse (even if you have been a vegetarian for years), will likely have impacted fecal matter on the walls of their colon.

Saturated fats, excess proteins, refined and processed foods, drugs, artificial additives and chemicals all combine to create a nasty substance called mucoid plaque. Because this gunk is of inorganic origin, it sticks to the sides of the colon. Although waste can still pass through, creating the illusion of a clear colon, the space can be actually as thin as a pencil.

On this cleanse you may experience emotional clearing. Often we hold traumatic experiences in our body. As mucoid plaque is released, so may these old emotions be released. Many people have had spontaneous emotional releases during the cleanse.

This program is essential for optimal health. When filth is trapped in your large intestine, the body’s energy is engaged in neutralizing it. When you successfully complete a cleanse, this energy is then made available to heal other areas that require attention. Your insides may feel like a fresh mountain spring. You may feel lighter, clear-headed and more powerful.

Salt from a ground source is better than natural sea salt for effective cleansing. Sea salt has the same mineral composition as our blood and is too easily assimilated into the body. Working with ground-based salt is working with ground energy and is better for cleaning the body. It will draw impurities more efficiently out of the body instead of being processed by it.

This cleanse is recommended prior to spiritual consultations, meditation groups and retreats. Before starting a new healing program, taking a new herb/vitamin, fasting or changing diet, you should rid your body of built-up toxins. Only by clearing the old stuff will you make way for the new program to take effect. How else will you know that a healing program is working if you are just putting new things on top of the old?

Eastern Analysis:
Water – Cool, calming, relaxing and soothing, dampens Yang Qi. For certain body types, it may overly dampen the digestive fire and overwhelms Kidney.

Salt – Descends the Qi, softens the stools, so that the intestines can be are flushed.
Lemon – Sour, astringent, after the “water diarrhea”, holds in the Qi. Calms the liver – overworked due to toxicity accumulated in large intestines

Energetically cooler foods are recommended during the cleanse, will assist in the cleanse on subsequent days.