There is so much information about cholesterol that would be helpful for all of us that it could fill whole libraries.  So, where do we start???  The following is just “first info” – but may assist in understanding better just why it is that some “healthy” people have elevated levels, while others do not.

Many thanks to Nancy Sanderson and Catherine Burbank for sharing information which was used by me in writing this as well as those who shared personal experiences. .

Cholesterol Facts:

  •  Cholesterol problems are not really derived from animal fat.
  •  Cholesterol is produced by the body.
  •  Cholesterol is needed as part of every cell membrane
  •  Cholesterol is necessary for hormone production.

A primary function of cholesterol is protection, and this is often the reason that one has a surplus in the body. If there are tears or nicks in epithelial tissue, such as the stomach or the walls of the arteries or veins, cholesterol is formed and goes to the spot to protect the area until the repair has taken place. If the components necessary for the repair are not available for the body at that time more cholesterol will be produced.

Sometimes the components are not available due to the diet or lifestyle.  Other times the cause may be a lack of ability of the body to assimilate the necessary things.  For example, Vitamin A is a primary component necessary for the repair of skin and epithelial tissue.  This vitamin is fat soluble, but not water soluble.  Therefore, one who severely restricts the intake of fats may be deficient in the availability of the components related to this vitamin.  In addition, if there is a malfunction within the liver, which processes fat, it would also affect the availability of the necessary ingredients for the repair to take place, and more cholesterol would be produced by the body.

The important word for us to remember is BALANCE.  Everything works together, and everything affects the whole.  For many, eliminating processed foods and anything containing white flour and sugar along with eating a balanced diet can be the solution.  For others, it may be only part of the solution.

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When cells become dehydrated they die. To prevent cell death, the body produces extra cholesterol to surround the cells and hold what fluid they have remaining. This is an over simplistic explanation, but high cholesterol (what ever high means) is caused by dehydration.

Know how much water you consume.  An answer such as, “I drink water all day long” or “I drink enough to float a ship” are not answers to the question, “How much H2O do you consume?”  The proper answer is a specified amount, whether it is one glass or two gallons.

The book, Your Body’s Many Cries For Water – You’re not Sick, You’re Just Thirsty, is truly an eye-opener.  The author, Dr. Batman, suggests the following:

  • Healthy adults should start with 4 ounces of water every hour
  • If disease is present, the water intake should be increased to 4 ounces every 30 minutes

For lowering cholesterol, Gary Young has often suggested the following:


Ocotea is one of the newer oils which is most effective when 1-2 drops are taken under the tongue 3-4 times daily.  The combination of Ningxia Red and Ocotea has produced dramatic results for many.



I have a friend, Laura, who at 46 years has been battling high cholesterol for at least the last 5 years.  Despite her efforts with different medications a few years ago, the numbers continued to rise. She began taking the Ningxia Red Juice daily only a little over a month ago.  Yesterday, she stopped by on her way back from the doctor’s office.

She said her doctor was thrilled with the lab results.  Her bad cholesterol had dropped 48 points and the good had increased by 3. (She let me look at her lab work.)  She maintains the only changes she made to her daily routine and diet was the addition of Ningxia Red.

– Sue Grattan

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I put my husband on the Ningxia Red juice, and his LDL (bad cholesterol) lowered 32 points in a couple of months. His doctor was amazed and said he had never seen that happen without some type of medication. He also wrote in my husband’s chart “Listen to your wife,” because my husband had told him the only thing he was doing differently was drinking “that juice my wife has me on.” 🙂 I also have heard Gary say on some training tape that LONGEVITY CAPSULES, will lower cholesterol.
– Ladonna W.

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Longevity Capsules lowered my sister’s cholesterol by 64 points in only 5 weeks and you only take ONE capsule a day!

– Joyce

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NOTE:  Gary Young recommends taking 2-3 capsules daily for rapid results and one capsule for maintenance.
NOTE: Longevity capsules contain FRANKINCENSE, THYME, ORANGE, & CLOVE essential oils