Gout is a very painful condition which affects joints – most often, the big toe.  As the disease progresses, attacks occur with greater frequency.  It is caused by an accumulation of uric acid crystals in the joints (and in the blood) and is normally eliminated by the kidneys.

It is important to support the kidneys, and immune system and to detoxify the body through cleansing and increased water intake.

If I had a diagnosis of gout, I would first try the following:

  • NINXGIA RED:  increase the amount to 8-15 ounces per day until 2 days after all symptoms subside.  Continue drinking 6 ounces each day for 3 months
  • LEMON + JUNIPER essential oils in capsules – 7 drops lemon + 4 drops juniper – 4 times daily for 1 week
  • OCOTEA:  one drop under tongue 3-4 times daily
    COPAIBA:  one drop on painful toe 3-4 times daily
  • RAINDROP treatments on the affected area daily until symptoms subside and then weekly for two months
  • FIVE DAY CLEANSE, beginning with the SALT FLUSH (instructions here: http://www.fullerlifewellness.com/salt-flush/)

It is important to remember that essential oils work to bring the body into balance.  Each of us is different, and the YOUR imbalance may require a slightly approach.  For instance, there are some who experience major relief from FRANKINCENSE.  If I found that the pain was not significantly reduced in 5 days, then I would also add frankincense to my regimen.

Below are the personal experiences of several people who no longer suffer with this painful condition
~ ~ ~

My husband has suffered off and on with gout, and the product that worked the best for him was NINGXIA RED.  He would drink about 6 ounces, two or three times a day (total of about 15 ounces per day), and it always helped reduce the swelling and alleviate the pain.  It usually took only a couple of days to

We always used whatever oils we had handy (topically) ~ Panaway, Wintergreen, AromaSiez… anything that might help reduce the pain or swelling.  But, we didn’t see hardly as much results as we did with the Ningxia Red. The other thing that REALLY helped was eliminating all alcoholic beverages. After we cut out all the alcohol, his flare-ups completely vanished!

– Irma Arvada, CO

~ ~ ~
For gout my friend’s hubby did everything he was “supposed to do” with diet etc but was still in agony. I suggested NingXia Red–he took 4 oz in the morning and 4 oz at night for 2 days and that was the end of his gout. Hope it helps you too!

– Darby

~ ~ ~

Dissolving Uric Acid Crystals
My father has bouts of gout (a form of arthritis) that can only be eliminated by when the body’s pH is balanced.  You should eat about 80% alkaline-forming foods to 20% acid-forming foods.  Just about all cooked and processed veggies and fruits are acidic, so you need to eat fruits and veggies that are fresh and raw.  Also, avoid dairy products as these are mucous forming and mucous turns into acid, which turns into inflammation, which turns into disease.  (Remember that from convention?  I believe Floyd Brown or Gary Young or both talked about it.)

In addition to enzymes, Alkalime helps my dad tremendously with uric acid removal.  This will help with the balance of the body and digestion. A glass of fresh lemon juice and water is great too.  You may consider lemons to be acidic, but in the body, it is metabolized as alkaline and is great for pH balance.  So you can’t always make assumptions. I also recommend NingXia Red.  My husband had a soft drink addiction too.  I removed all of his supply from the house and so he had to get it on his own.

Basically, it was too much of an inconvenience for him to get it himself.  At the same time, our entire family began drinking an ounce of NR each morning.  At first it was very tart and hard to drink for my husband (and my dad too) because he was so acidic.  The only beverages besides NR in our house were water or herbal tea (with agave or honey as sweetner).  A few months later, he had a Dr. Pepper and reported back that it was “nasty.”  PTL!

– Laura